Imac printer recommendation for smaller margins

I am toying with the idea getting an Imac. I seem to be leaning towards the hPDA. Any suggestions on which printer is easy, easy, easy, to get the narrow margins you generally need with smaller forms?
Thanks, ~Cath

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A photo printer

Get one that says it can do photos. Those can do "borderless" printing of certain paper sizes.

Do your homework. All the printer specs are available online.
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Most Canon Pixma printers, I believe, can handle the tiny margins--not the MP series (printer/scanner/copier) but the four-digit models.

Personally, I have an older Pixma iP3000, and would highly recommend if you can find one used for a decent price, to get it. It has four separate cartridges for color and black, and prints beautifully even onto business cards. In fact, I believe that Merlin Mann of 43folders fame recommended it, and bought one just for printing onto 3x5s for his hipster. Considering he "originated" the concept, I would say his word ought to carry some clout. ;-)