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I'm thinking of starting a readers log, and I'm curious to find out what other people are doing in this area. While I'm tempted to do it in a TiddlyWiki so I can search it later, I know that I won't ever actually enter books in it. I don't usually read anywhere near my computer. So I ordered a nice MiquelRius notebook to use, but now I'm putting off entering the first book. I feel like I should only enter highbrow books. And I read a very wide variety of books.... I have to, as I average a book every day or two.
Does anyone else keep a readers log? Do you keep track of everything you read? What do you record on the books? Am I crazy for reading children's books?

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Crazy for reading children's books? Depends...

Are we talking "Pat the Bunny" or "Captain Underpants" or "Nancy Drew" or "Harry Potter" ?

Personally, I enjoy books written for older youth. Many classic series, like Redwall, fall into that range.

Contrarywise, I have a reasonably complete set of Asterix books. :)
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I've gone through a few

I've gone through a few different methods for keeping a reader's log. Right now I'm using index cards. I make a note of the title and author and when I started the book, then it's my bookmark for that book. I like that I can keep notes on things while I'm reading it because it's always right there. Then when I'm done with the book, I write down the date I finished it and my final impressions. Then I file it away in my card system. It's been working pretty well for me.

How about the Levenger Bookography Journal ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

my recent project.

I have been trying to figure out what method I'm going to employ for tracking my reading. I have very eclectic tastes in reading... from Stephen King to Anne Rice to Hersey to Shakespeare. I enjoy Harry Potter and The Edge Chronicles (I highly recommend them! esp for Harry Potter lovers.) In today's society - reading is surprisingly uncommon - I applaud anyone who takes time to read :)

I'm trying out three online methods (all of which allow searching and sorting in different categories):

Library Thing
Zoho Creator (very user friendly database online option).
My zoho list : Library of Sara

My other plan involves making a "Book of Books". I would use the information that is held by the two online options, create a template and print, then bind into a nice book about 4.25" by 5.5" inches. Most likely I would use a hard cover cloth covered cover ... something kind of fancy.

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I use Library Thing, and I

I use Library Thing, and I like it; although I'm quite slow at getting all my books typed in.
I recently discovered:
Collectorz, but I've yet to try it. I do like the idea of buying a scanner that works with the software; but the price is a bit high.


My wife, I suspect, has been mostly using her blog to journal her reading. It's kind of her catch-all--reading, crafting projects, home-schooling, "An American in Krakow" chronicle, etc. Not everything she writes ends up on the published blog. She has lots of entries--many of which I doubt she will ever publish, but it acts as her journal of sorts. Something to consider...


Book database

software for me

I do have a book journal, given to me one christmas, that I use for quotes and favorite books. But there wasn't enough room to keep my whole library in it.

I discovered a great freeware Mac OS X app called Books. Its perfect for not only recording all the books in your library (entering new information is as easy as entering the ISBN and letting Books retreive the info from, but for recording who you've leant books too and when you read the book and how much you enjoyed it.


Levenger is the way to go

I have the Bookography from Levenger and I love it. The only thing though is it's divided into sections with what you want to read, reading now, and have read. My section with what I want to read takes up most of the book. It has a section for books you started and didn't like.

I bought the book that goes with it as well, the Guide to a Well Read Life. The categories and the information on the sheets follows the information provided in the book.

Of course, I look for any reason to place an order from Levenger and actually I think there a few sale items I may pickup this week.

Just my opinion though.