Filofax in Netherlands on the cheap ;)

I recently decided to go back analog. My choosen planner size is A5. The Filofax planner I needed has a retail price of €190 in the Netherlands, but only €90 (incl. shipment) in the UK through Ebay. Just a tip for the Dutch (we're always on the cheap, they say).

BTW, I'm currently looking at a hole punch from KW-trio that only costs a fraction of a Filofax original. €13 instead of €60. Does anyone over here has some experience with the KW-trio punch?

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a fellow dutchman!

Well, I am a dutchgirl actually.
Yes I have that punch. It is really great, it does all sizes up to A5. I have had mine for a year now, and it still works great.
Good idea to look on the uk-ebay. I never thought of that, I bought a filofax personal piazza two months ago, 140 euro's. Have you ever been to P.W. Akkerman in Amsterdam? You should at least go there to look at the stuff, it is a great store. I bought mine there.
Hope you find the punch.