Day planning with to do list and expense tracker

This template fits a page size 2.75x4.25 inches, which results from dividing a letter sized page in 8. The template has a weekly calendar (names of days are in Spanish, sorry, but they can be easily modified), with space for appointments on the left side. On the right side, there is a small to do list, for all things that need to be done that week not tied to a particular date. At the bottom track, I use that space as an expense tracker: it has three columns, where the left one is used for the day (no need to add the full date since this is already a calendar), the description in the middle and the amount in the right.

The template was created using Inkscape. It allows me to have an overview of relevant things per week in a format small enough to carry even in my pocket. And because the paper size is a fraction of a letter size paper, there is no waste of paper. I tried creating an 8-up version, but doesn't work as well due to the reduced margins in my printer, so I deleted it.

I'm including the template in PDF format, as well as the source file for Inkscape (SVG format).

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Works best printed on pieces of 1/8 letter paper. It is tiny, and very portable, so a small pen is recommended. I print a bunch of these, and punch them at the top, then use a ring to bind them together, along with a protective/decorative cover.

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Inkscape (for modifying template)
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