Difference b/w Circa and Rolla Disks?

I've read a lot about Circa vs. Rolla however, not one person/place/resource compared disks between the companies.

From which company are the disks higher quality?

Some background: I'm going to dive into the Circa/Rolla world for notetaking in college and I really need these notebooks to last as long as possible. I'll gladly pony up more cash for Circa disks if they last longer and turn/add/subtract pages easier than the Rolla disks. If not, MC2 has a sale for 100 large disks for only 10.15 in black, blue, red, and white.

Another question, I'm trying to hold as many pages as possible without making page turning a problem. I've read that large (3/4") is the largest one can go w/o page turning problems. Is this true?


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My thoughts...

I don't have any Rolla brand discs, only Circa and some aftermarket discs. The Circa are nice, but as far as actual use of pulling pages, putting pages and turning, I see no difference. Some people complain about the mold flash, but I think the complaints apply to both company's discs--although more-so to Rolla. I haven't noticed any problem, personally...

I think the biggest thing to watch for is the color--don't get the silver whatever company sells them. The Rolla ones seem to flake, and the Circa ones (probably in an attempt to avoid the flakiness?) are resistant to page turning.

Other than that, I don't think it matters that much--however, if you want to be above doubt, then get the Circa. Their quality control is beyond reproach, and from all my readings here, they do perform better overall (just don't get the silver).


Rolla vs Circa

I have several Circa notebooks and extra discs, and a small selection of Rollabind discs. IMHO, in general, the Circa rings seem to be better finished, with minimal mold flashing. The Rollas aren't bad, and the larger sizes seem to be better finished than the smaller sizes. I had to do some cleanup on the smallest Rolla discs, the 1/2" diameter ones, which aren't available in Circa.

If you built plastic models when you were a kid, like I did, you'd be used to having to trim flash and mold marks from plastic pieces.

Based on what others had said here, I stuck with the solid or translucent colors and avoided the metallic colors.

Re: page turning. I bought some of the large Circa discs (1.2" OD) and found that turning wasn't a problem, but the larger rings got in the way of writing (right handed) on the backs of the pages, because the heel of my hand would bump into the rings. The Circa medium (.9" OD) discs seemed to be a good size for me. I had a similar problem with the binder rings in a Franklin-Covey binder. Oh yeah, I prefer the Junior/Classic size. If you use the Letter size, the size of the rings wouldn't be as much a problem.

Longevity? I don't think there would be any difference. Picking a good paper makes a bigger difference. I use 24 lb multipurpose paper - better for Circa/Rolla than the 20 lb paper usually available.

Hope that helps.


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The same


The discs are made of the same plastic at both companies, using the same process. The only difference I see is that Circa have slightly neater mold marks in most of the samples I have. A small file (like a ladies' nail file or what you get in a swiss army knife or leatherman tool) will take care of any slush you find on any disc regardless of brand.

Search this site for Mold Marks and you'll find an extensive discussion of the differences.


I have a Circa that I love,

I have a Circa that I love, and also a faux leather Rolla, that I love as well. I have noticed that there is a bit more flash on the Rolla rings, but not enough that I've had any problem with page turning at all.