Covers from Levenger

Hi everyone,

New member here. I was reading a few previous posts and noticed one where someone says that plastic plastic letter-sized covers from Levenger (I'm assuming the kind that use the Circa/Rollabind discs) are available for $10 a pair but I can't seem to find any at their website. Could someone kindly point me to the correct link?

Also, is there a previous discussion/post that lists all brands like Circa,Jotz, Rollabind, etc. that use the same (interchangable) disc system for holding papers together. I just want to get an idea of what's out there before deciding on which product to buy.


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Welcome. You might try taking a look at the "mynd vs rolla vs circa" thread. It's where I asked for and got all the info I needed about at least those 3 systems and what to buy. You'll find discussions about covers, paper, disks, compatibility, etc.

Good luck!