Levenger Compact Zip Folio

Just curious if anyone has come up with any interesting usage hacks... like a hPDA on one side and the compact notebook on the other. or perhaps no compact notebook and just the hPDA and perhaps another small circa notebook.

My birthday present to myself shipped today... and I'm getting giddy about all the possibilities. I have a junior size zip folio I gernously recieved already and cannot convince myself to take it out of the house... like someone will mug me just for that piece of leathery goodness.

This compact zip folio is off of the levenger store on Ebay ... (where the customer service is remarkable too!) and it has initials and some minor scratches... so I'm ready and eager to incorporate it into my daily life.

I'm going to be making 3x5 monthly cards and plan on hacking a dock type thing for the left side of the zip folio. so far my idea works well and I'm excited to share the final result.

okay I'm done rambling. Take care fellow DIY addicts <3

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I think they need...

a 3x5 zip folio -- either way (PDa or notebook)
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just as good

I think this will be a nice way to allow from some swing...

I could use the compact sized notebook (or in the future if I splurge on an agenda)... I could print my own off our template directory in the 6.75 by 3.75 inch offerings. I could use 4 by 6 inch index cards or even 3 by 5 inch.

I am going to really try and incorporate a lot of different things into this one zip folio... wish me luck :D

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Have fun playing with your new goodies!

I really want to order the Micro PDA set!!

I also want to order a set of Temp-tations cookware that QVC is showing right now. It is just about half price until 8 pm Eastern time. 15 minutes, I'd better make a decision quick!


some days i dont spend a penny... other days... temptation knocks and i forget i even have a door :D

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sold out

It sold out before I got to it. :-(


ITS HERE! already... box... is... here :squeeeeee:

only problem... it came with an agenda and not a notebook. O.o That kind of surprised me...

Anyone have a compact notebook they would like to swap for an '07 agenda?

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Speedy Delivery

That was fast!!