For kids it's like an annual recurring nightmare (it was for me anyway)

Well we're just over half way done with July and this week the school supplies hit the shelves. I haven't seen anything spectacular yet and I haven't seen anything that could be modified for DIYP purposes that we haven't already been cutting apart, adding extra Velcro & rings and glueing back together. I checked Wal-Mart. I'll be hitting the two major OfficeShack stores later this week or next.

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This was (and still is!) my favorite time of the year! :-)

The new notebooks and

The new notebooks and (sometimes) pens did make back-to-school a very exciting thing for me!! The challenge of deciding how to organize my paperwork for each class depending on the type of assignments etc... Aaah! (Much nicer than actually doing the work.)

When for a few years I worked in a university without being a student, I still much enjoyed the back-to-school days. The university bookstores would reopen with lots of new stationery from Clairefontaine, the crowds walking through the hallways... The new students would come early, mid-August, to arrange some things with the registrar, etc. and I would already be excited! Now I still work in a university but they don't know much about stationery. *sigh*


my favorite time of the year as well! already cruised through ShopKo, Target, WalMart, and Office Depot. Nothing new so far, but there are many more places to visit and I am sure they will be putting more supplies out...



I must admit that shopping in the back to school aisles is more fun now that I don't have homework ;P ... I'm starting to watch for rebates and sales... hopefully I will have some time to peruse the clearance areas too :) I havent been to an office supply store in over a month!!!

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Get thee to a!

A whole MONTH?!?!? Don't make me stage an intervention. I'll do it; I don't make idle threats. ;-)

LOL about not having homework!

went to walmart...

I picked up several new BIC pen's... couldnt resist the "free after rebate" tag on the front. :P I'm addicted ... someone... help me... or buy me another storage box for pens LOL.

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Did ya go to Office Max?

Another DIY-er urged me to check out Office Max: 300 3x5 index cards for 99 cents, max 5 per customer. I also found cheap plastic folders there and cool plastic 3x5/4x6 cases. :-)


Did they have grid ones? 300 for 99 cents is my kind of deal.

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Yes, but not at this price. :-(

I heart the grid cards, too. They aren't part of the sale, though. Sorry!

Back to school supplies....brings back such lovely memories

I saw this thread and even though it is several months old, just had to reply. I always loved new school supplies and would spend weeks in the summer getting ready for school.

What made it really special for me was that my grandfather was a buyer for a large chain of stores. For several years, he was in charge of office and school supplies and had this huge sample room full of every type of thing you could imagine, even items that never made it into the stores. Every summer, one of my favorite adventures was when my grandmother would take me to his office and I'd be allowed to spend hours in his sample room. I was allowed to take anything I wanted and would end up with several large brown shopping bags full....for free!!! I would also share with my friends when I got home from vacation. It was better than being a kid in a candy store! Indeed, after several years he switched to candy buyer and I could do the same. Even though it was fun getting all the candy I wanted (and sure came in handy for my parents at Halloween), it was never the same as the school supplies... :) Pure bliss. Perhaps that's why I still love this stuff so much.

The smell of fresh paper

I always used to love the first day of term, the new exercise books...the feeling that everything was somehow going to be different this time, before those pristine pages were covered with my scribbles...

...still feel the same everyime I walk into a stationery shop!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"...

Like that Staple's commercial.
One of my favorites.
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