Need planner suggestions from lawyers

Hi! I'm a new member here. I'm going into my third year of law school, and am looking forward to going to work at the end of next summer. I am excited to see the movement from technology to paper, since in my last career (10 years in advertising sales), I found my Clie to be very cumbersome after a while. When I used paper, I had two pages per day (one side for scheduling and tasks, and the other side for notes), and that worked quite well for me, since I have a tendency to list every single thing I need to do in my task section. Also, I liked to document important conversations, so the note section was quite useful.

But recognizing that my life as an attorney might be different from my work as a sales exec., I've come here looking for attorneys who have found a good system for their day-to-day work and scheduling. Any input would be welcome!

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To be honest, I'm not sure if we have any other attorneys here. None have jumped up and identified themselves.

You can look forward to being able to customize your planner as necessary with lots of help from all of us.
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Thanks for your comment. I think I'm going to try and print out my own forms. I have an ultra-thin leather zip binder that I used to use a lot, so I'll start with that. And I'll go back to my two-page per day format. I'm actually working at my firm three days per week during the school year so it will give me an opportunity to try out my system and adjust before I become a "real" lawyer.


That should provide a nice experimentation period to discover what type of planner will be best for you. I hope you find your 'zone' very soon... and don't forget to share what you encounter and learn :) I learn so much from reading what works and doesn't for others.

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paper, etc.

I'm an attorney. I do mostly patent prosecution at an IP firm.

I use paper for everything outside work, and outlook tasks for my billable work tasks. I sometimes put unbillable work tasks in my paper system, since it's easier sometimes.

I use a circa agenda with pockets and tabs for different sections. I mostly use it for project notes and references, emergency info, and calendar planning. I put all of my GTD lists into a circa PDA, and some short project info, such as info on a purchase I'm tracking, etc.

I print out my tasks, calendar, and firm-wide docket info from work periodically, make sure it's all correct, and put the important things on my paper calendar. It's easy to pop these into a pocket in the circa agenda. I also 'cache' my week's calendar a bit in my circa pda with their weekly calendar cards. I carry around my circa pda during the day for quick notes or jotting down billable/nonbillable time.

I was using a daytimer, then a franklin covey planner for a long time, but they didn't do it for me when i switched to GTD. Circa stuff is working out pretty nicely. :)