"Smurfed" What does this mean?

I am new to this group but in reading posts and articles and such I have come accross the term "Smurfed." I have no idea and have not been able to figure out by context what this means. Can somebody enlighten me? Thanks!

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where "smurf" came from

Smurf is basically what we call the shape that is formed by the circa/rollabind paper punches. It is in the shape of a mushroom. You can see HERE

We are an odd bunch ;) and were bound from the beginning to start a new slang of our own.

oh and PS. Welcome!

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Ah Ha!

Now it all makes sense. Thanks guys!

It's a noun, it's a verb!

As in,

"Look at all these smurfs! I should clean out my punch more often."

"I've been smurfing up a storm today - got 50 new pages added to my planner."


The beauty of American

Back in the day when I was a computing scientist, Michael Jackson (no not the one who scawks but the emminent computing scientist) attributed this saying to my then PhD supervisor (Brian Randell) "In American every noun can be verbed". :-) q.v. Michael Jackson, Systems Development, London: Prentice-Hall International, 1983, p67.

yes, but...

... "verbing weirds language." (courtesy Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes) ;-)