Been a member for less than 12 hours, and I'm already set to go!

I got so inspired today by reading the posts on this forum, that I decided to get my revisit to paper going right away. It just never occurred to me that I could customize my planner PAGES exactly the way I wanted them.

I discovered the coolest thing at Staples - 5" x 8" index cards! One of my biggest complaints about my old system (Franklin Covey) was that the paper, while a good quality, always seemed to rip out of my binder (probably more my issue than Franklin Covey's - I'm pretty rough with my pages). So I bought 500 of those big blank index cards, and made a template right in Word for my pages (a 2-page-per-day design - Schedule and to-do list on the left, and notes on the right.) I have one monthly calendar I made that I keep in the front so that I can see the month all at once.

So that's where I am right now, and I feel better already!

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Sounds like you are well on your way :)

Any desire to share that template with our lil community? :)

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I'd love to share

I'd be happy to share - how do I go about doing that? I can't convert it to a PDF because I don't have that capability on my computer. But I'm more than glad to post the word document.

i believe...

There is a "create content" option under your name in the menu to the right... you can create a template... you should be able to attach a word doc without any problem.

If you run into any problems - feel free to post and I'll do my best to help ya :)

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Thanks for the help - I'll post it tonight when I get home from work (since it's saved to my home computer.)

5x8 index cards

I did exactly that and I love it. I'm kind of rough on things so I always end up tearing things out accidentally. This past weekend I went to Wal-mart and spent $5 on 5x8 cards and Post-It Durable Labels. Then I printed the templates from here that I wanted, created a few myself in Works Spreadsheet, labeled them, and so far I think it is going to work. Not bad for a day's work and a few bucks!


P.S. - Also love that one side is lined so I have room for random notes and reminders.