The joy of Big Box clearance (brag)

I may not like Staples for their lousy fountain pen selection or their cheapo Rolla notebooks, but they cannot be beat for Clearance section finds. I've picked up boxes of 32-pound pre-cut note papers (perfect for fountain pens and smurfing) at $0.25 for a box for 250, a personal-sized (9" wide) heat laminator for $4.50, and today's find: an "Express Pocket Jotter" (made of tasteful imitation leather) for a mere $0.80, which will nicely hold 3x5s. It's not Levenger by any means, but it will do just fine for a mobile inbox when I'm roaming the office and New Projects get hurled at me from all directions.

Yes, I would prefer the service and personal touch of an independent stationery store for my Fine Writing Needs, but when it comes to treasure-hunting, I do dearly love rooting through the big bins of discounted office supplies.

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clearance run

It has been too long since I did a clearance run...

last time I lucked out in nearly all departments - even found a nice spring jacket for $7 and two tshirts I adore for $3 each.

I'm due for an office supply related find :D

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