Chores for Gamers

My husband has found this great site called Chore Wars that's meant to encourage lazy gamers to clean. It looks really cool. You and your household members or office mates (or perhaps even a DIYP group?) create a party of adventurers, and assign XP to each task. As you do tasks you log them and get the points. Your characters level up and fight monsters and find objects, just like in any other RPG.

We're notorious for bad housekeeping, so we're going to see if the site can help motivate us...

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Great idea, and it looks

Great idea, and it looks pretty entertaining!


I'm definately passing that along to my DnD group... those guys need to start cleaning regularly :D

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Chores for Gamers

OMG. Thank you SO MUCH. You may have saved my relationship!

Glad to help!