hipsterpda and moving items from one list to another

I am reading GTD, and David Allen gives 3 basic ways of implementing the system:
1. Using folders with each item on its own sheet of paper
2. Making lists--paper-based
3. Making lists--digital.

I'm thinking of switching from PDA to HipsterPDA. How do I manage my lists? For example, when a project is making progress, you might want
to move a "Next Action" from your own Task to "Waiting for". It's easy to move things around on a PDA: just switch the categories. It's easy to move things around using paper-folders with each task on its own sheet of paper: just move the paper from one folder to another.
But how about on a hipsterpda? What if you have more than one task/next action on one piece of paper?

I hope you understand my question.
Please write soon.

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Cross the item off on the

Cross the item off on the old list, then write it on the new list. During your weekly review (or when you run out of room), rewrite your lists.

Hipster PDA question


I have been tinkering back and forth with a classic planner and a simple Hipster with a case made from Duck Tape! I've found the Duckster to work better with my busy days. I made the case in about 40 mins and it works better than any of those expensive briefcases you can buy.

I use colored index cards for my lists and select templates from the Hipster pack for my "deck". With the Duckster case, I have essentially four pockets to stash my cards. In the front left is my calendar log including my cover ID card (With GTD flowchart on its back) and some monthly cards along with weekly cards for a few months. Behind that I keep some daily cards for the week. I always move the current daily card to my right front side for a look at the whole day. Behind that on the right front is my GTD cards. I keep some white cards for "inboxes", Yellow "Next Action" cards, Pink "Project" cards, Blue "Waiting For" cards, Purple "Someday/Maybe" cards, and I also use green cards for tracking my debit receipts for the day.

The reason I give you the breakdown is because the system itself allows me to move items back and forth quite easily. I just review my project cards every other day or so and update my next actions lists by referencing a project items with an "re:" on the next action item. As it's completed, the "re:" prompts me back to the project to determine the next action again or cross it off if done.

The weekly review is critical if you're to keep your lists current. If you do that, you should have no problems keeping up. I would recommend a case of some sort though. Whatever suits you but this Duckster case of mine has proved to be a wonderful way to manage the "deck".

Oh yeah, in the back I keep spare index cards, a few business cards, My Bible reading plan which I've condensed into a Hipster format, and a dollar or two if I need to hit a soft drink/snack machine while I'm out! I'll send a pic of this setup soon for the site.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.