Fountain Pen Hospital?

Has anyone purchased a fountain pen from the Fountain Pen Hospital? I'm excited by their tremendous selection, but am leery of giving them my credit card number since I've never heard of them before.


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I've been buying pens from FPH for about 10 years now and can vouch for their integrity. I usually go to the store itself (talk about a kid in a candy store!) but have ordered more than once online with no problems. I go to NYC about once a year to visit family and always try to stop by the store. Everyone there is knowledgeable about fountaine pens and they have been in business since the 40's, I believe. BTW, I have no relation to the store other than a happy customer.


Yes, I've dealt with them before in repairing a Parker 51, which they did with great skill, to my enormous satisfaction.

They have been in business for many, many years and they have a substantial 'brick and morter' store in Lower Manhattan.


No fear. Great store and very honest business. Been around for many years on and offline in NY. Never read of a bad transaction or complaint. Highly recommend.

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I just purchased a retro51

I just purchased a retro51 fountain pen from Fountain pen hospital, unfortunately I opened the package and the tip was full of dried crusty ink on it and no ink cartridge included; obviously it had been used.
I called to complain, they really did not care much about it, their comment was why make such a fuss for just a $45 pen, sure we'll send you a new one.
Certainly will not buy from them again, I am a fountain pen collector and there are many more places to go to that would pay more attention to what's in the shipping box.


I've done much dreaming looking at their catalogs and website. Guess I won't be giving them a try. have always done a lot of mail ordering (being an extra tall woman means I can't find pants in a store). Often, before I spend big money on an order with a place I've never ordered from before, I do a smaller test purchase. If they can't be trusted with a $45 purchase, I'd never trust them with $450, or $45,000 for that matter.

I'm just in a mood because I'm out $50 from a small, eco-friendly company who advertise iPad covers. They admitted never doing a thing with my order, but I want my money refunded!

Who stole your money ?

I want to avoid them.
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