Notebooks to trade (Apica, Paperblanks...)

Now that I have been circafied, I am trying to thin my herd of notebooks. I am sure they have the potential to make other writers and scribblers happy. All are unused, in excellent condition, and have great quality paper.

Here they are:
- PaperBlanks Thai Gems 5X7 lined notebook with elastic closure. Paid around $10 CDN.

- PaperBlanks Chile Pepper Red 7X9 lined notebook with elastic closure and interesting binding. Paid $13 CDN at Winners (MSRP $16 USD, still wrapped in plastic.

- Apica 7 X 9 1/2 notebook, 100 ruled sheets, looks quite serious. Paid $12 CDN.

- Kokuyo 7 X 9 1/2 notebook, not-many pages (50?). Ruled with pink lines. Excellent condition. Paid $5.25 CDN.

Some pics are here:

I would like to trade them for Circa/Rolla things. I own gazillions of disks in black and white but could be interested in other colors. I am also very interested in cover materials that I could punch, dividers, DIY stuff that you created, interesting papers, etc. Vertical-lined index cards in any size would also be great (hard to find here).

I can also be interested by other interesting offers, including $ to at least cover postage if you have nothing to offer (which I doubt). (I am in Canada.)

You can contact me through here or by emailing me at brigitte (at) gemme (dot) com .


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You could always...

chop out and smurf the paper and use it yourself.
I did that with some Moleskine cahiers I had bought before becoming totally Circa-fied.
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Thanks ygor, but that would

Thanks ygor, but that would be sacrilege to me! They are waaaay to beautiful to be chopped!!! Certainly the Apica and Kokuyo could be turned into Circa stuff (and even then, I think it would impair their original looks), but the Paperblanks covers are way too thick, and would look very sad on functional rings. There's something in me that doesn't want to chop a $15 notebook when the value of the paper itself is not more than a few bucks.