Hello everyone,

I've been a long time reader of the articles and forums here and finally registered for an account. I am going to be undertaking a planner project in which I will make two classic size planners and one hipster PDA planner.

One of the classic size planners will be for home use - addresses, calendars, projects, action lists, and an inbox. The hipster PDA will be used to capture information while away from home - for example, if my wife makes a committment for the weekend and calls me at work to tell me about it. Giving that, the hPDA will have contact forms, action items, and monthly calendar forms.

The second classic size planner I will use for my writing projects - haven't thought much about this yet.

I've also set up a tickler file folder system.

I have two burning questions - First, how to make all these systems work together and second, how to go about making good covers for the planners. I would like to make a 3-ring like leather cover for my planners and something for my hPDA but I can't figure out any good ideas.

I look forward to talking with everyone here over the coming years!

-- Jesse

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Lovely to have you as an official member :)

The key to making your systems work together is keeping yourself up-to-date which usually requires a daily or weekly review. As long as your home base system is updated with all the stuff from your hPDA - you should be good. You may find that your system needs tweaking... (its part of the addiction ;) )

As far as DIY covers... you could probably find some ideas on book binding sites. You could try to find a planner you like that has three rings and then just sell or give away the inserts you won't use. Ebay has a wide variety of used planners most of the time. :)

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