I have been looking for a site like this for weeks.
I f you are a little crafty- and would like to have
some control over your binding- check out Zutter Inovative Products.


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Zutter also has an interesting cutter.

It's called Dreamkuts. I watched a demo on the Creating Keepsakes website. I think it could be a very interesting DIY tool.


I coughed up the cost of a Rollabind Desk Punch, this ain;t that much more and it is awesome !
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Spiral binding *shudder*

If this in fact a spiral-binder (or a variant thereof) then I would hate it! Those pesky wire loops catch on everything for me, and inevitably bend out of shape. And no easy paper inserting or removal.

Handy if you're into making something like photo albums, or bound sketchpads, I suppose, but I much prefer the Rolla/Circa setup.

I'm with you

... on that one! Comb/spiral binding is good for some things, but give me Circa/Rolla any day for "in use" things. BTW, my 10 yr old is very ecstatic because I just made her _another_ small notebook/scratchbook with 1/4" rings. ;-) (it's her "clue book" for Myst--yes, the original)



Is that series fun or is it kinda... ya know... blah? :)

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Well, it depends....

...on your taste in games, I suppose. We only have the original, because when the others originally came out, our computer didn't have the oomph to play them, but now, of course, that we have such computers (four of them, to be exact!) the games are rather scarse--except the last, but who wants to play them out of order!...but I digress...

The original is a real puzzler. It taxes both your visual senses, aural and logic. If possible, it even taxes your tactile senses, and if they could have done it, I suspect, they would have taxes your sense of smell! But in any case, I always liked it. However, once you "solve" the puzzle parts, the navigation can drive you crazy. They did what they could to help alleviate that, but still, too many clicks to get around sometimes. But, as I said, the first time you play it, you won't notice that. I've got my eyes out for Riven. BTW, our kids love Myst, too. ;-)


I have Riven!

It's sitting on my desk at home! It might magically appear in your mailbox if you Contact Tab me. :-) Mine's the Windows (weenie) version.


We have a house full of Macs! :-(

Thanks for the offer, though! Deeply appreciated!


I liked them...

I always had a tendancy to start games (RPGs mostly) and then not finish them. This happens on the computer as well as console systems. I guess I have a short attention span.

Um, what was I saying...

Oh yeah - Myst was one of the few I finished - and no cheats either! I have Riven for Playstation and will probably finish it eventually (on my PS2 now) but not until I've gotten bored with Gran Turismo 4 (racing) and Neverwinter Nights and NWN2 on my PC. Of course those are D&D and there is an endless supply of modules online, notto mention the persistant world servers...

Myst was a great puzzle game. No doubt the graphics will look a bit dated now, but I find many older games with less emphasis on graphics and more on gameplay are still the best ones.

I never finish anyth


I was addicted to WoW... (World of Warcraft for the non-addicts). I beat the game and quit :P Now I read books and always consider returning to the computer for amusement... its probably best I don't. I'm actually getting freelance art jobs now... I need to stay focused :D

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Yeah me too. Up till last March, I was also addicted to WoW. I left after realizing just how tiring the game was. I grew tired of grinding, wasting time online for people to show up, and of the politics.

Haven't looked back yet.
My books, my mind and my body are all the happier.



I've been a D&D guy since way back to the old D&D Basic/Expert box set days. I've played other fantasy RPGs but seem to come back to the system I know and love! Been a long time since I had the pleasure of a live face-to-face game though... I know folks who play WOW, but never got the bug myself. TO each hi or her own, I guess :-)

I never finish anyth

My favorite RPG... Kingdom of Loathing!
It reminds me of Zork. At one point you can exit KOL and actually start playing Zork...I freaked when I found that out. LOL!

*** lightbulb ***

KOL-inspired planner pages?!?!? Bwaaahahahahaha! :-D

Reese, Ditto on the D&D and


Ditto on the D&D and other table top RPGs. And card games like Magic: The Gathering. I love role playing games and have been involved in various campaigns since 1990. Most recently a third edition Mage game.

I think the one thing I liked about wow was the fact that I could do it on my own time and when i could fit it in my schedule. That and I didn't hafta deal with Rules mongers.

Sounds like you should print out a few of these and start up a campaign.


Funny you should mention those...

I have your gaming pages already stored away on my hard drive, just in case I ever need them. As far as starting a PnP campaign goes, well - I think my time has passed. I get in the gaming I can find time for on my own, or via NWN, as I said. It's all good fun!

Nice work, BTW :)

I never finish anyth

They did a remake of the

They did a remake of the first Myst with updated graphics and whatnot. Looks really nice. Also, Riven is, hands down, one of the most difficult puzzle games out there, ever. This is mostly because it's a wide open, completely interconnected world and you just don't know if anything you're doing is actually impacting anything and there's so much ground to cover, it's hard to even keep track of it all by writing it down. The rest of the series takes more after the first one with more discrete puzzle sets/systems based around particular locations, themes, etc. It works a lot better in regard to direct payoff for your effort but is still on the difficult side for anyone with even a higher than normal intelligence. The stories are great, characters are solid, and the atmosphere of the games is magnetic. Just be aware that they aren't the usual puzzle you find in action adventure games that requires lighting up squares in a grid in the correct order or any some such. It's hard stuff but definitely doable.