Circa Punch

I bought a Circa Punch but it didn't come with any instructions. Is there anywhere to find some help? And what are those red things????

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For storage

They hold the top down to let you store it in a smaller space.

As for how to use it, there should be an adjustable page guide to position the paper being punched. Just insert the paper and smurf away.
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You want to slip those red

You want to slip those red things out. It will not punch with them in. It will make sense once those are out.

good luck!

Thanks for the help! They

Thanks for the help! They were rolling around loose in the box, so I didn't know what to do with them!



I spent a good 20 minutes fiddling with those red things... "wonder what these are for..." Now they are in the bag with the dics I got with the same ebay purchase...

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Circa Punch spare parts

My circa punch just arrived (woo-whoo) the other day... with those little red pieces safely in it. I am obviously going to have to save them somewhere -- so that if I ever sell it on Ebay I can totally confuse and confound the new owner!

(I love it! -- Thanks for not being afraid to ask a dumb question!)


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I just keep mine in its box

and the box safely stored under my punch. ;-) (yes, it's too much of a hassle to stick the red things back in the punch to make it fit, so I set it on top.... lazy!)

me too

I'm the same way... my punch is in front of the vcr on the tv stand :D Ready to smurf at any moment!

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red things

I actually put the red things back in place and the punch in the box.


I don't think my box or red thinies made it home from my trip to Tysons Corners. The punch sits enthroned in my desk drawer with paper, cover materials, discs, and all my other DIY materials.

Ready to use, but not so easily accessible as the TV stand, LOL!

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