The skinny on Flickr

I've been reading these forums for a little while, and so far there's only one thing I haven't been able to figure out: Flickr.

Why do you folks (gender-inspecific for you, ygor) like using Flickr to share photos? How is Flickr better than just putting photos on your blog or blog-equivalent? I can understand why we'd be careful about photos posted here for bandwidth's sake, but as long as they are off of, does it really matter where they are? Will you think me terribly gauche if I refer you to an indexed directory on my website for pictures of my latest DIY experiment? :-)

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no judgement

You can share your pictures from any location...

I find FLICKR is a nice way to search for other people with similar ideas and likes that I have. Its just another way to share with others. I actually get quite a few visitors to my blog from my flickr uploads. I like that aspect. I also enjoying learning more about other members.

I don't think anyone would mind clicking on a link that shows a picture stored in another method. :)

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Double uploads?

Do you post photos on Flickr and on your blog, or just on Flickr?


I use the "blog this" feature occasionally but usually I utilize the "all sizes". I find it so handy to allow flickr to manage the sizes and pick which one looks best in the blog entry I'm creating. Its actually quite simple and easier than using PS to change the sizes. I also didn't care for other online photo places... they allow you to resize the images but the original is overwritten. Flickr even gives you the html code to paste into the "code" section of the blog writing screen. I loves it.

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We use Picassa from GMail.

The main advantages of maintaining online photo albums are

Easy to share a lot of photos in one album. (I.e. my wife's quilt collection all in one place.)

Easier to maintain than putting a bunch of photos in a blog. There are more specialized tools for dealing with images. Especially easy for organizing images into separate albums

We prefer Picassa to Flickr because there's no limit on the number of photos people can see. (I understand that with flickr you have to pay if you want people to see more than the last 200 photos.

No Flickr for me

I have a Flickr account, and a couple of old images on it, but these days I use it mainly to view and comment on friends' pictures.

I used to use LiveJournal for blog and photos, but after Six Apart -- the parent corp. of LiveJournal -- pulled a stupid "protect the children" stunt I decided it was time to move off hosted sites and onto my own server. So the links below go to my domain, where I keep a blog and photo album. (I also have a few other toys I'm playing with, like a Wiki and a CMS, but those aren't for public viewing yet.)

Having a non-LJ blog has a problem, in that most of my friends are on LJ. I still read and reply to other people's posts, but generally don't make any of my own unless they're friends-only and the rest of the internet can't see them. Those are rare at this point, though. The good thing about having everything on my server is that I have a real URL to point people to and not just a LJ. Oh, and backups are much easier, too.

I did create an RSS syndication feed on LJ, though, so my friends can read my blog without leaving their Friends page.

I just got totally off topic... :)

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But we still love you Steff!

(ps... I live off topic) ;P

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Thanks, Sara. :)

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For me....

.....I like flickr because of the social aspect. With the groups and tags (keywords), you have an easy way to "pile on". The DIYPLanner group and tags are fun to check through, and, quite frankly, my photos of planner stuff would _never_ get traffic were it not for Flickr. Also, when my friends from her post on Flickr, I get immediate notification--even for mouse pics! (which are cute, and I won't let my daughters see, lest they bug me for a mouse too!)

So, for me, it's the social aspect.

However, I can't forget that my .Mac space is limited, so an abundance of photos there would have to be culled on occasion, thus removing them from circulation. Not fun. Oh, and if there, nobody can comment on them--but that's back to the social aspect. So, I guess it's primarily social. ;-)



Do you mean my Seeley pics? LOL... This is my favorite CLICKme

I like seeing what exotic places everyone photographs... and pets and "office pr0n"... its a great source of amusement during boring times here at work. (which I dont seem to have today :( back to work for me)

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He's the one.

I don't blog (shocking, I

I don't blog (shocking, I know) so any of those options are out. Flickr is the easiet way for me to post any pictures I want to share with my fiance overseas or the general public. I haven't yet posted any pictures of my planner set-up , thought I've been meaning to do so since I was circafied. The social aspect is definitely useful for groups like this but is just a personal preference. I don't Think anyone would mind posting pictures anywhere else. I'm sure that, like me, they are far more interested in your system than the hosting system.


I have a flickr pro account suddenly... and ummmm... I don't know when it happened. How bizzaro - I was told I could only have three sets within the last month or so because I tried to reorganize stuff. Now I can make more...

something about my DSL provider and a deal with flickr I guess... O_O I need to pay more attention to my emails.

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