question for RASMUSSEN . . .

...but will welcome an answer from anybody. I just began a romance with the compact leather foldover notebook. I'm setting it up to hold the agenda, blank sheets for notes, and possibly address pages. The current disks seem to be too small -- so far, I only have the agenda pages for july-december, a few extra sheets, and a subset of my contacts, and already things are getting crowded.

My question is what size disks do I need? The current disks measure 7/8", so I can't tell if they're the 3/4" or the 1" size. A Levenger customer service rep told me the compact leather notebooks come with 1/2" rings, which is obviously wrong, so it's impossible for me to know what the next size up is. (When I called a 2nd time, I was told the disks were 3/4"; if that's true, does that mean that the 1" disks are really 1 1/8"?)

- What size disk does the compact leather notebook come with by default?
- If I want to hold just a full-year agenda and some extra sheets, what ring size would you recommend?
- What size would you recommend if I also wanted to include address pages? (Or is that too much to fit?)

Thanks for your help!

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The 3/4" is actually 7/8" OD

Circa specs the sizes of their discs for their inner diameter, that is, where the paper is. In my experience, the ones that come with the leather foldover are 3/4" (7/8" Outside Diameter) and 1/2" (about 3/4" OD) discs come with the plastic foldover notebooks. The leather covers are thicker, hence the bigger discs.

The next larger Circa disc is the 1" ID (1.2" OD) disc. They are considerably larger.

Hope that helps.


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Look at the disk chart.


There's a chart posted in the templates section that shows the discs from Rollabind and Circa together with their measurements and the claims of capacity. That might help.


disc size - opinion


Walter and Shris have both described the disc measurements quite well. I am still impressed by that sizing chart!

You are currently using the 3/4" discs. [These are included in the Circa Agenda] (- Whereas, the 1/2" discs are included in the regular ruled-only notebooks.)

I recommend the 1" rings for what you are attempting to create. (If you find the 1" too small and still need to upgrade, drop me a line and I'll make it right.)


Disc sizes (Ryan?)

I just switched to the 1" discs (the Rollabind "jumbo"), and while they work better than the 3/4", I'm finding they're a little too big. For example, I'm right-handed, and they get in the way when I'm writing on the left-side sheet, and in general they just make the notebook more unwieldy than it needs to be.

It seems that that 1/4" difference is much bigger than I thought it would be. (Walter, above, was definitely right about the 1" being "considerably larger.")

Ryan, any possibility of manufacturing 7/8" discs? The difference certainly sounds trivial, but in practice I think it would be very useful.

Or does such a thing already exist somewhere?

Fold over or stack


I bet you'd find those 1" discs to be less annoying if you used your notebook fold-over style.

Failing that, you could keep a thin paperback or a short stack of pages on hand to stuff under the left side of your notebook to lift the pages. You could make a dummy book just for that purpose if you really felt like it. I've got some archive and reference books I've made up and keep handy.

I find the discs annoying too, on the 'wrong' side. I'm using the 1" as well, but I think I may switch back down to 3/4" because my book is rarely closed. I also don't use the left page much, since I'm a page-per-day and I print them all as righties. The left page is ostensibly dedicated to the 'next actions' list, but I haven't been using it much lately. :)


Yes, it's definitely easier

Yes, it's definitely easier when the notebook is folded over. I also tried your idea of stacking, which works very nicely, thanks. But -- my planner, though still under construction, was promising to be something approaching perfect, so I'm a little disappointed with this unexpected problem. As another example, I'm also not happy with the full 1/4" space between the left and right sides when the book is open. (But I still love my notebook . . . )

My experience was similar...

I thought the Large 1" rings would be perfect, but found that the heel of my right hand got tangled up with the rings when writing on the left hand pages. Angling the notebook more to the left helps my hand to clear the rings, but the increased angle takes getting used to. It's also easier to turn the sheets with the smaller 3/4" size rings.

Anyway, I'm finding that the 3/4" rings that came with the leather foldover actually work OK, as long as I don't overfill the notebook.


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
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3/4" vs 1" rings

I tried switching back to the 3/4" rings, but found that, as I thought, they're really too small for what I want to keep in the notebook (agenda, blank pages, some address pp, 3 dividers). With that much stuff, the pages sort of get caught in each other when you turn them. So, it looks like I'm stuck with the 1" rings. Unless Ryan can convince Levenger to make a size in between . . .

I asked Ryan for almost exactly the same thing...

A 7/8" ring! I don't there's quite enough critical mass to make it worth it for Levenger yet. :-)


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
B. Banzai?

dude i would love a set 7/8"

dude i would love a set 7/8" rings.

Two more ideas.


Another thing you can try is the 'double notebook' concept. If you take your planner and break it into two sections, you could use the double-spine thing mentioned by some other folks to get more pages onto smaller rings.

That is, take two sets of rings and punch them onto a slightly larger back, and put one section on the left and the other on the right. You can then use smaller rings, since each set of rings carries only some of the pages.

Example: contact pages (rarely updated/changed) on the left, daily pages on the right.

The idea isn't to have a spread that's wider when open (though you can) but to bind more pages with smaller discs. You might end up with three covers--two smaller ones on the outside and a wider one in the middle where the two sets are attached. You could close it in an "N" configuration--two entirely separate books, one on the back, the other on the front. Your 'stack' would be built right in if you only use one side at a time. An elastic or ribbon would keep it all closed neatly. The pen loop would have to be attached to one of the outside covers unless you use a small pen and attach it at the top or bottom rather than the side.

I might have to try this one, just to see. I have switched back down in size now to the Circa 'small' but if I could do it with the Rollabind 'small' it would be pretty durn spiffy. I have three sections in my planner currently--daily pages, future months, and contacts. Contacts get used quite rarely, and future months only occasionally.

Hm, here's another one for you.

What if you printed your left-hand pages upside down? Then you'd spin the book 'round and they'd be righties. :) Not practical for everything, I suppose, but another way to have only right pages. :)