Lefty quandry - new to D*I*Y

I've been wandering around for a few days - and I can't make up my mind what to do for the binder of my system.

I'm a lefty, and I just hate the clips down the middle for writing. Should I just turn a binder landscape - and have the tabs lay all funny?

Is there a recommended system that works better for top-based holes? Thanks to some mentions - I flipped over Circa tonight .... but haven't convinced hubby of the price tag - yet.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Jen Z

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I believe there has been another discussion regarding left hand use of planners.

I suppose the easiest thing would be to find a template that allows you have your main page on the left side of the binder. I can think of a few off the top of my head - they are weekly spreads :)

Top bound notebooks would work well. In fact I know of some right handers who prefer them too. I'm unsure if binders come in a top bound format... I know you can get the "two hole punch" which allows you to use those pronged holders. Perhaps that is an option.

oh and Welcome!

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If you smurf...

Or maybe, I should say, if you use Rollabind/Circa rings and punch your own, you can use any templates to top-bind. ;-)

That said, I'm a lefty, and I've always hated 3-ring binders, and such, but found the spiral-bound (ala DayTimer) also didn't give you any reprieve. However, with my Rolla rings, I can fit my hands sometimes between the rings--but better yet, pull the page for writing! And put it back when done. I've been far happier with Rolla/Circa than I've ever been with any other binding system. It's worth considering, even though the initial cost may be a bit high--but....

If you check for Rollabind on eBay, you might find some Scrapbooking starter sets with a desktop punch for far less than you might imagine. Show that to your husband, and see if he isn't a little happier. There are ways to get into this cheaper.

Also, another consideration to get "started" is to try a sample Circa from Levenger. $10, I think, will get you a Junior-sized Levenger book with various sample pages. If it works, you have something in hand to show your husband, and you might find _he_ falls in love with it. ;-)



If you live near a Levenger store you could stop in and visit their "circa buffet" :o)

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Go ahead....

Just go ahead...and make us over-the-pond-dwellers jealous!


Keeping going!

Our 6-hours-from-nearest-Levenger folks are jealous, too!

8 hours here

Tell me about it - I'm at least 8 hours away.

But, thanks to to the 25% off sale at Wilde Designs, I bought a punch from them and a starter set from Circa. So - that helped save the $20 on the punch - and hubby only had a slight twinge......

Now I anxiously get to await the deliveries. This is maybe even more exciting than waiting for an Amazon delivery - depending on which books were in it ;-)

Jen Z

eeek the mobs are restless!

I havent been to a Levenger store yet either ... :( Don't shoot the messenger! :P

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Add me to the list of

Add me to the list of "haven't been to a Levenger store yet" DIYPlanners.

The closest I've been to one - or so I thought - was when I was in Washington, DC last November. Unfortunately, I was there to visit the giant pandas and didn't have time to detour to a Levenger store.

Maybe my next trip to the States should include a stopover in Chicago. My last visit to the Windy City was in 1990 - hey, Ryan! Was Levenger opened in Chicago back in 1990?

Me too!

My punch should arrive tomorrow. I was able to test drive one at a friend's house this afternoon and I loved it. I also got free shipping from my CraftScape (or whatever they call it) membership. Whoo hoo!

Speaking of test drives...on Friday I tested out the big paper cutter at work. (It's one of these: SWEET!) I'd be jonesing for one big time except I can use this one for free. ;-)


Now that looks fun!

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Oh, man! That is to drool for! I could seriously use something like that! 1.5" of paper? and the positive clamp (rather than a passive one)! You are talking trimming _serious_ books here! Now I've got to keep my eyes open for one used or something....


I cut through .75" of cardstock...

...without even feeling resistance on the blade. I had to actually look at the back of the cutter to make sure the cut had been completed. :-)

Let me know if you find one on eBay that you like. We shouldn't bid against each other. LOL!

Feel free to bid!

As I'll be forced to look elsewhere. Can't afford the new shipping rates from the US any more. :-(


Glad for you

So - that helped save the $20 on the punch - and hubby only had a slight twinge......

Make him a nice book--planner, or something related to something he does, and if his twinge turned into a twitch, it might go away. ;-)


My tricks

I read this somewhere, and it works for me: put the pages you write on most (your planner inbox, or whatever) in the middle of the notebook. Then your left hand can rest on the left-hand page without the rings getting in the way.

That said, I find Circa discs to be far less intrusive than ring binders. I can match the size of the rings to the number of pages, you see, so that the discs barely stick up above the right-hand pages.

Another option: Start at the back of a note book and work forward, writing on the left-hand pages. I do that too sometimes.

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