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I have downloaded Open Office and started playing with the widget kit. However, I am having a really hard time moving "one" widget. For example the graph, it is in many pieces and I can't seem to group the parts. What is the best way to "resize" a widget. Please help!

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There are ways to select multiple elements

And various ones work better under different conditions.

The simplest way is to use the arrow tool, and to click and drag over the elements you want. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to know if you got everything or got too many elements. This is how I usually start my selection of multiple elements.

Once selected this way, I then try copying or dragging to see exactly what I got. A quick undo puts things back to their proper place so you can try again. :-)

Once I see what I missed, or grabbed I didn't want, I use the shift-click trick to click on those items. If I selected a piece I didn't want, shift-clicking deselects it. If it is an element I missed, shift-clicking selects it. I do the shift-clicking until I have it the way I want it, then I do the copy/paste thing or drag-thing to get the pieces where I want them.

I sure hope that was clear enough to help!



Thanks for your help and quick reply. Another question do people who post their templates usually include the working file for other to edit if they want?
Thanks again

That is strictly...

...up to personal choice. I know I have with one or two of mine, but that's because it was no harder to add them than to not.

Again, it's strictly personal choice. You also get to choose the terms of use, I believe. Check that out, also, if you are so inclined.