Turn, Turn, Turn

I hope you'll forgive this rambling and somewhat personal post, but I'm writing it rather hastily at a public terminal in a library while a vulture-nosed man circles about, impatiently tapping his fingers on various surfaces while he clears his throat in the loudest and most guttural ways possible.

I've been offline for more than a week because of moving, and the non-connectivitis is beginning to take its toll. I wonder what's happening with this website, with the outside world, and with all my friends, and I feel like I've been in a prison for a week with no glimpse of sunlight or other humans (although, ironically, I have experienced more sun and interpersonal contact than at any time in the past year). I'm told I should be finally hooked up come Tuesday or Wednesday, but till then the digital isolation continues.

Although I do love moving --the change of place does me good-- I abhor the whole physical process of relocating. Weeks of compartmentalising our lives in small containers, making minor repairs, and informing everybody of our new address (over four hours away, and only one hour's drive to our only major city, St. John's) culminates in a crescendo of heavy lifting round the clock wherein I and a very good friend haul furniture and lug heavy boxes of books to and from the U-Haul. At the moment, we're sitting amidst piles of boxes, totes and bags, wondering how we're ever going to get the time to sort through it all and find places for it. My poor pregnant wife has also been fending off morning (or rather, all-day) sickness while packing and taking care of our baby son.

But, besides the new location closer to family and to St. John's (and hopefully, better opportunities), there is another good thing: setting up a new office. It's a chance to clear out the clutter of the old, and newly define one's personal workspace. Only two catches, however: first, there is only one electrical outlet, and it's ungrounded (two prongs, meaning that my computer equipment won't plug in); and the office size is approximately half of what I'm used to.

For the electrical, I wriggled around on my belly in darkness for nearly an hour last night with a fading flashlight and a Leatherman, installing a new grounded outlet. (*grunt* *grunt* I am MAN, watch me WIRE.) The fact that I'm still alive is a testament to either my (rather feeble) electrical skills or my luck. It's most certainly the latter.

The smaller office space, however, forces me to focus much tighter than usual. Besides my desk, my Mac and some basic peripherals, I can only fit in a small set of utility drawers and one of those black resin utility shelf units you can find at department stores for $20. A small two-foot wide built-in bookshelf at my left rounds out the storage space. I have to be very careful about what I want in my office this time around, and that does have its benefits.

They say that you can tell a lot about a person from what he or she keeps in a bookshelf. From the top, here's what I have: gourmet cooking books, software boxes, hiking/camping books, and Jeep/off-roading handbooks; my favourite Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books (about five or six dozen of them); a monitor for video editing, my Canon i350 printer, and my Sony PD150 DVCam; a series of books on writing, creativity, Zen Buddhism, and Welsh mythology (my research topic du jour); and finally, a well-stocked shelf of photography and film-making books. The little bookshelf to my left has a series of quick-reference books (for writing, web development, productivity, bash scripting, Python, and LaTeX); books and references for my current contracts; journals, notebooks, index cards, pens, pencils, and sketching utensils; and several stacks of CDs and DVDs filled with software, music, radio plays, and backups.

Well, the little man encircling me has begun to edge closer, croak louder and stare at me with his tiny beady eyes, so I had better wrap this up. If you've sent me email, please bear with me: there's over 350 new mail in my accounts, and it's probably going to take me till next weekend to slog through it all.

In the meantime, know that I'll be back here soon, and that I've set a tentative date for the end of January for the new D*I*Y Planner 3.0 kits. So if you have any last-minute requests, be sure to let me know.

all my best,

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I'll trade you...

Glad to hear you are still with us dj. Lol. I'll trade you half a hour on my computer for ten beaver skin iPod covers... ;)

On a more serious note I hope you were joking about using a Leatherman on an electrical socket. If not I would get an earth bond and 'megger' check just to be on the safe side.

Sardonios the Concerned

A 3.0 update?

Now that we're in January, I'd love to see a news item updating us on the status of v3.0 and what it will include. I just ran across your site, after becoming frustrated with Franklin's Letter Size planner pages not really fitting my style.

I'm starting with the basics of the v2 Letter Size, but hope to try out your v3 kit soon!