My first DIY of the school supply season

I got a "Mead Five Star Zipper Port Pack."

Zipper Port Pack

It is a zippered cover which holds four pocket folders. Each folder has a pocket for cards and letter size paper. I took out the comb binding, put packing tape (not very well, I admit) along the holes and smurfed it. I had to use the desktop and remove the positioning bar, since the two covers are joined together buy the zipper. I now have a zippered circa binder which also folds back around. I did trim the holes off the pocket folders which came with it and punched those too. I just had to share my latest find with you all, because I'm not sure how many others in my life would understand my excitement.

I am a happy school supply junky today.

Lisa PT

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I haven't seen those before... any chance of some pictures of your "hack"? I would love to see how everything turned out (it's hard to imagine) :)

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