Call for Writers

Regulars readers have no doubt noticed summer postings here on DIYPlanner are a little on the slow side. Due to a variety of factors, ranging from new jobs and contracts to bouts of illness to the usual urgency of taking advantage of short summers (especially in the subarctic), we're facing a bit of lull right now. But, hey, that's a bit of an opportunity for budding wordsmiths.

So, I'd like to issue a new call for writers. If you have any ideas for articles about productivity, notebooks, pens, forms/templates, creative techniques, journalling, or reviews that fit into our subject matter, and would like to appear on our site, please use my contact form to drop me a line. (Remember to become a site member first!) Tell me what you'd like to write about, and what approach you'd like to take. We'll be happy to work with you by editing and massaging your piece until it's ready for publication. Thus, writing experience would be great, but it's not as important as your desire to write and to contribute to our little community.

Good luck, folks, and we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Work Journal

Would anyone be interested in an article on keeping a Work Journal?

Subject includes:

1) advantages over digital
2) what to put on the page
3) indexes/indexing
4) "linked" entries
5) how to use colors
6) types of Work Journals

I've been keeping a Work Journal for years and have gathered some good references. May be good fodder for an article on the subject.

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Work journal


Interesting idea....can you tell us more about your work journal? What are the benefits? Does this help with productivity? Mental health? Simple enjoyment of the moment?

I think many of us would appreciate your expanding on your ideas above.

Best regards,


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Work Journal

Okay, I'll put something together.

Work Journal = Inventor's Notebook = Lab Journal

Or at least shares some of the above elements.

I've got several years worth of journals I can share. When I worked for a pre-IPO the lawyers come thought and suggested additional items to record.

I'm anxious to share and get some ideas from the group too.

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Count me in too


I'd like to see what you are doing. I am managing multiple construction projects and still working on my system. I did just download the PCEO sheets someone else referred to here:

I have been trying to come up with a hybrid paper/computer system for some time....Slowly but surely.



yes please

I like this idea. If others agree please write an article.

I like it too...

I am currently using the PCEO Emergent Task Planner as a sort of journal to keep track of where time goes, but am always in for better methods.


Go for it, Dave

A work journal sounds interesting.
I could keep two: one that my managers could read and one I would not want them to read :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Is that like having

two sets of acounting books? One for you and one for the IRS? Not that I would do that of course (she says in case anyone from the IRS is on the list) but I have seen it done on The Sopranos.

Sorta kinda...

but not dishonest.
There is stuff I'd journal that would be unflattering to my management, but would be useful for me to document.

Does that make any sense ? Or have I finally lost that last neuron ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Send to me and we'll publish


Just a quick note to say that if you write this, feel free to submit this to me and I will work with you to get it appearing on the site. It sounds interesting and I'm curious to know how to keep this.


article requirements

Sure. Let me know if you have any article requirements such as, length (word count), format, picture size (I'd like to submit some pics too), etc.

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We don't really "have" strict rules for articles. however, Doug DID write this when the site first opened. It'll give you an idea of what he likes.

As for me, I tend to like my writers to submit their works to me early, so i can read thru and give advice or edit before they go live.


ready to send


I've prepared an article on this subject. I have a "create content" link on my page however I'm not sure if this allows you to review the article before it's posted.

Just let me know how you'd like me to proceed.

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Did you Submit it yet?


Thanks for your submission. I just looked at all the things that are not published and do not see your submission. Did you post it with the "Create Content" Link?

If you did, please email me the link to the unpublished post and I'll give it a read through.

If you didn't, feel free to email me the article in the body of the message and I'll edit and review it and help you get it published.


submitted Work Journal story

Submitted it last night. I couldn't get the images interspersed with the story though. I welcome any suggestions. It may be too long. Didn't have enough time to make it shorter. *grin*

Thanks for the opportunity.
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I've lurked here a while...

I've lurked here for a while, but I've had a really interesting experience designing a printed family cookbook and I thought it might make for an interesting story.

I realize a lot of the content here is based on time management, but there's a really interesting new piece of software out there by that helps you type in your recipes, your friends and family members, their birthdays, addresses, etc, and lets you print out a family book. It's really more than a cookbook. It's almost a family yearbook/cookbook/family tree.

As a youngish grandma (yes, we exist!), it's been a real boon in producing printed family books. None of this online virtual nonsense. (No offense.) My grandkids will grow up with a real, tangible, butter-smeared book of the recipes I brought over when I immigrated from England.

Given how distant everyone is these days, it seems like family recipes are the one thing that still unites us.

Anyway, I realize I've rambled a bit, but I'd like to put together a more coherent story if you are interested. The software site is, if you need to know the link.