Hello! and some questions/advice needed

First, I love the DIY concept, as I have never had a planner that I didn't have to modify in some way.

That said, I need some help as well, so I'll just list my wish-list in no particular order:

1. I'm looking for advice/insight on a size; I have been using a (hand-me-down) Filofax Personal size, but I also have a letter size binder(I think made by Blue Sky) that has the "normal" 3-hole punch configuration. This year, I have tended to use the Filofax for appointments and the Blue Sky for my documentation/archiving needs. It's a messy system in that I have to lug around both to keep up at work. Me: I'm leaning to the Letter size and a hipster to do it next year.
2. Is there a program or template here (or anywhere) one can use to make and modify their own planner pages? The letter-size pages in the templates section are nice, but I'd like to personalize some of the pages to fit my needs.


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Hey Rob!

Regarding the size of the planner... This is really a personal choice. But, it sounds like the letter size is proving most beneficial for you. But, I would recommend carrying a hipster just for any thoughts that come to mind or reminders for later. A hipster would be easier for you to grab quick and make the note. Going to your letter size planner when sitting in a restaurant or in the drive-thru at the bank is more difficult. Then when you get back to the office or home, you take whatever you wrote in the hipster and transfer (copy) it into your letter size planner.

OpenOffice is the program used for the majority of the templates here. You just download the program and then download the widget template from here. From there you can design your own templates (share them with us too! :)) or you can fidgit with any of the templates here (if the person submitted the open office file along with the pdf.

Web site is openoffice dot org.

Hope this helps a little!
nay nay :)