Circa starter kit - question about ring size....

I'm going to be on vacation in Chicago and I plan on visiting one of the two Levenger stores. I use a fountain pen and the best paper I found that is easily available is HP 32#. Because of this, I'm trying to find the most economical way to build four notebooks with tabs. The starter kit has everything that I need but there's a big problem.

The starter kits use 3/4" rings but I need 1" rings! Is it possible that I can switch the rings while I'm at the Levenger store? Both sizes cost $10.


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Ask Captain Levenger

One of our forum regulars here, Ryan Rasmussen, works at one of the Chicago stores. He's VERY good about helping the DIY community. Chances are he'll be able to help you. Now which store is it Ryan?

Keep in mind that in order to use your HP paper, you'll need to buy a punch as well. It's worth the investment.

I never finish anyth

Now which store is it

Now which store is it Ryan?

How many Levenger stores are there in Chicago??


Two chicago stores... Macy's:State Street and Water Tower Place... I forget where Ryan is :**(

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This is why one of those stores needs to move to Lexington, KY. We lost Ryan!!!


I'm at the Water Tower location. ;)


Water Tower...

*tried franticly to come up with a good Animaniacs zinger referencing water towers*
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the Circa bar

When I visited the Circa bar in Tysons they had a bowl with the discs in it - you got to choose your color but there was only one size available. I went ahead and bought larger rings and boy, am I glad I did. The 3/4" disks filled up pretty quickly.

circa dressing?

What kind of dressings did they have at the bar?
Duc Ly


Good one! :-D

no dressings

No dressing but then again, no tip jar either.

Disc sizes and Circa Bar


There will be no problems switching the rings for you at the Circa bar.


Post 7.10.07 | Ygor: "Last time I went in, I was offered one and I said I had already received one when I was last in. The response was: Would you then like to try a different size ? Of course I would -- and did !!"

-This makes it sound a bit more like a Circa "buffet". (Still struggling with the image of dressing on a Circa notebook.)


Envision "Dressings" as various patterned papers for the front page of personalization fun! :D I made a new cover... I'll have to snap pics to show it off. I am so in love with the compact zip folio - it holds a quarter page size circa/rolla perfectly! and the compact notebook fits great in my purse as a separate entity. :D

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Circa Ranch?

Ah... yes a fine specking of dill and cucumber on the cover please...
Duc Ly