Interferon and ribavirin combination therapy side effects journal

This is a week on two pages journal for those on interferon and ribavirin combination therapy for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis [Hepatitis C]

(Those looking for the Radio/chemotherapy side effects journal will find it here)

The 'Side Effect Journals' are powerful self-monitoring tools for use in conjunction with a personal diary.

Release notes: this is a potential Release Candidate [RC] for part of a range of 'free for non-commercial use' health care forms and is built around the 'free to use' Widget Kit. However, I need feedback from users before settling on the final layout.

For example: is the form difficult to use and if so why? Does the form track everything you want it too and if not what would you like to see added?

Licence: Not for resale or commercial use
Free for personal user
Free for professional healthcare user
Researchers please acknowledge as your source.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Usage: Please consult you healthcare professional for usage advice.

Notes on printing: please use the following settings to print from Acrobat reader.

* Using 'Properties' --> 'Advanced', set the paper size to A5 or Half-letter [Classic]
* Paper scaling = Reduce to Printer Margins
* Check 'Auto Rotate and Centre'
* Uncheck 'Choose Paper Source by PDF package'

The final release will be available in A5 and Classic this temporary measure to cut down on build time.

Creative Commons
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Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.x (Or equivalent)
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