Covers and sleeves and pockets, oh my!

I'm supposed to be working, but instead I'm googling various phrases trying to find cover stock. (I found some template vinyl at Joann's this week, which will work for some of what I'd like to do, but 12" x 18" was as large as I could find, and it's only in a slightly-opaque clear, no colors.)

So, I'm sharing some links of some things I've found that seem intriguing, or useful.

Memo Book Covers - for 3x5 memo books. I can easily see how to use this in combination with a rolla/circa setup.

Passport Cover - also for 3x5 size

Vinyl Pockets - in sizes to suit nearly every need, but they also do custom stuff as well. This one could be VERY useful, especially if folks could combine orders for lower prices.

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