Myndology Printing Hack

I have been fussing with my printer to print on the Myndology paper. When I load it for normal printing, the punched side causes the paper to jam.

What I found is that if I print so that the punches are on the opposite side, and print the document upside down, that the paper doesn't hang up. I can even duplex.

It takes a bit of thought to make sure I'm printing it properly, but I liked the results.

Not sure if this is a problem on other printers, but thought it might give some folks hope if they'd given up being able to print on Circa/Rollabind or Myndology/Atoma pre-punched paper.

My printer is a Canon PIXMA MP780.


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Details, please

I have a 780 also.

Are you using the tray underneath or the feed in the back ?

Does the punched edge go in first, last ? Or is it on the left or right as you look at it from the fromnt of the printer ?
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Details provided

I use the main paper feed in the back.

The punched edge faces right looking from the front of the printer.

I've been testing this on the lined paper, as I originally bought the Myndology books just for journals. Now I'm going on a business trip and the blank filler I've purchased arrive while I'm away. I won't get to play until next weekend!