plastic notebook covers from OfficeMax

In search of something similar to Levenger's Circa notebook covers, I think I found a decent one at OfficeMax. They had a small section for binding supplies. One of the lines of product there is the "Ibico compatible" comb-binding supplies. Someone may have mentioned these on here before. I can't remember.

OfficeMax had a couple different translucent plastic covers that seemed pretty thick - slightly thinner than the Circa notebook covers, but still sturdy. The sheets are not punched, and they come in packs of 25 for around $17. Anyone tried these?


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That stuff is probably vinyl, which is what I use. The thicknesses I use are .015" and .020". If the package tells you the thickness, then you can compare it to mine..

.020 is very thick and quite stiff. You'll want to round the corners because they'll stab you if you're not careful. This is tough to punch, but as long as you don't damage the smurf ears getting them onto the discs, it'll last for a very long time. I've had my vinyl for years and it's still in top condition.

.015 is thinner and more flexible. It's also easier to punch. This is thicker than an ordinary report cover, and so a bit more durable and protective. But it will curve around your book, especially if your book has ...lumpy contents.

.010 is thinner yet and even more flexible. You probably won't have any trouble at all punching this or getting it on your discs without creasing. This is more like your standard report cover--almost flimsy, but it will still protect your stuff as long as you're not tossing it around or putting it loose in a backpack full of odd gear.


I like them!

I got a pack a while ago. I like them - the covers are sturdy enough to protect your papers/cards/etc, but they are also flexible and light. They cut well using my rotary cutter and smurf acceptably.