Re-punching Myndology covers?

Hi all, long time lurker, first official post.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty.

I like the look of the Myndology notebook covers. I have my own paper I'd like to use with these. I have a Rollabind punch.

Has anyone tried re-punching the Myndology covers to make the smurf conform to the Rollabind pattern?

Thanks for such a great forum - it's scary to find others like me.

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Try it first

Try it first on a piece of paper --more disposable, you know. If the punches line up correctly (which they should), then it should be easy to see if the Rolla smurfs will muck up the Myndology smurfs or visa versa, but doing it on paper should show you what you need...


hvae you tried it already?

I would try it with its current myndology style smurfs.

I find that the paper works find in my circa gear - you may not need to repunch. :)

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I guess what I'm asking is...

I don't currently have any Myndology products...was kind of hoping that someone who has a rollabind punch has tried (or may be willing to try) punching over a piece of Myndology paper and could share those results....