Fatal flaw in my plan! (Notebook storage)

My plan: Store all the loose-leaf knitting patterns I've collected in Rolla/Circa notebooks.

The flaw: Storage!

I just spent the last 2 hours sorting through piles of papers I had printed out and stapled together. I removed the staples, sorted page in piles based on content, smurfed, and put all the pages into 3 Rolla/Circa notebooks. Then I went to store the notebooks by standing them on end in my bookshelf...and that totally doesn't work.

For one thing, I made the covers a little taller and wider than 8.5"x11", and the plastic is too floppy to hold up the notebooks when they stand on end. I can solve this problem with a little trimming, no big deal.

But then I'm left with stacks of paper bound by rings that are wider than the stacks, and the rings are all aligned in the same way, which means they can't stand next to one another on the shelf without ring collisions. I don't know how to solve this, so I'm appealing to the Wise Amongst Us...how do y'all store your filled notebooks?

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