Fiore Unschedule

A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Used as an anti-procrastination tool in Dr. Niel Fiore's The Now Habit.

Created using the Widget Kit in NeoOffice Draw (the Mac OpenOffice port) on my Macbook.

Note: My day rarely begins before 4am, but will occasionally end there, so I set this template up to reflect that. You can play with the Ooo files to get a more conventional midnight to midnight (or whatever you want) span.

All rights to those who hold them. I was just monkeying around. :)

(This was my first time using the Widget Kit, open source software, or a drawing program, so please bear with me. I'm still not sure about the quality of the PDFs.)

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

See Fiore's The Now Habit for detailed usage. Highly recommended. I've also been to DIY Planner member flexiblefine's yahoo group on the topic, and recommend that as well.

The basics: 1) block out all hard landscape commitments, 2) schedule and block out "guilt-free play" and exercise (stick to it!), 3) track projects or activities you're procrastinating on by a) not scheduling work on that project to the hard landscape, b) "limiting" yourself to "no more" than 20 hours a week on that project, and c) tracking work done on the project in the open spaces of your Unschedule, recording only when you've done a minimum of 30 minutes uninterrupted work. Use the boxes at the bottom of the page to tally the total number of hours you've recorded for the project(s) you're focusing on.

Creative Commons
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PDF reader for .pdf, OpenOffice/NeoOffice for .odg
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Thanks!!! I've been looking

Thanks!!! I've been looking for a very simple grid like this for time tracking.
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