DIY Website conflicts with Vista Home Premium

After two nights of frustration, I finally figured out what was causing my right-click options to cease working. Something on this site interferes with IE 7 - or - Vista. Everything ceases to work when I'm on this site - I cannot launch task manager, cannot use any right-click options, cannot add to favorites or start new programs.

Any idea what it might be? I love the site - so I just wanted to let you know of this apparent bug.


Jen Zibart

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Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know you're having issues with DIY Planner. I've forwarded this message on to our Chief Ducktape officer (aka the great and wonderful guy who works with Drupal).

Hopefully we'll have an answer or a resolution for you shortly.
(I'd look into it but as I am on a mac, I doubt that'd help you out much!)

One thing you COULD attempt doing is to download and use Firefox and see if you still have that issue.

Hang in there,

I'm on Vista, and switched

I'm on Vista, and switched from Firefox to IE to test this out, but I'm not experiencing any problems at all.

Are you only having trouble after you've been on the site a while? Logged in? Not logged in? After visiting a certain page or trying to perform a certain task?

Everything you mention above -- task manager, right-click, favorites, start applications -- are working fine for me over here.

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It is only after logged in for awhile

I'm wondering if it's simply resource-hogging, but it is specifically on this site. I closed this site last night and things worked fine. As soon as I opened it back up again, there was the errors again. And it happened two nights in a row (previous two).

When I first start using, reading, and saving files - all works fine. Then after awhile (and I didn't time it) - the right-click ceases to work, and alt-tabbing out of it shows me that everything is "frozen" - I can't click the documents link, cannot launch other programs, etc.

Hope you can find some issue - or a suggestion.

Thanks for all your work!

Jen Z

A few questions. How much

A few questions. How much ram are you running your system with? And are you running any other big applications at the same time? (Photoshop or something like that?)

I personally see the most problems crop up when running Photoshop and Fireworks at the same time, though it seems like sometimes I can go days without trouble, and other times trouble crops up right up. I haven't noticed it effecting any web pages, but I browse pretty much exclusively with Firefox, not IE. (I don't even launch IE unless I have something on the MS website I need to access, or I'm cross-browser checking.) But even with 2 gigs of ram, I see problems appearing with low memory resources sometimes, but mostly it effects the applications using the most memory (Photoshop and Fireworks and Dreamweaver).

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