Ring Ring Journal

a journal I have never seen before, but looks interesting. it is called ring ring by running rhino, but it is not on the running rhino web site... here is the web site I found it...


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Its cute!

So...tell us what kind of planner are you using these days? Back on the circa wagon?

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Hey Sara! Thanks for fixing my link - I am not really computer savvy enough to figure those things out! :)

My current planner? I have about three or four I have been working on and dislike all of them! I hope to figure something out over the weekend as I am once again driving myself nuts over a good planner set up! I just cannot figure out what I need for both work and personal nor what size I want nor what system I want to use (circa, spiral, etc.). So, hopefully inspiration will hit over the weekend and I will finally come up with the PERFECT PLAN! :) If I do, I will post pics.

Enjoy your weekend!
nay nay


If I can help ya out all - feel free to drop me an email. :) I'm on vacation next week so I'll have time to be creative :D (My first vacation since before being layed off in 2004. wooo hoo).

No problem with the linkification... its what I do :D

Take care girlie!

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I'll row on the left if you row on the right...

...and maybe our "can't find a good planner system" boat will get moving! :-) I *think* I just stumbled over my perfect planning solution. I'm going to reorganize my notebooks tonight and give it a try next week. I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed - I hit a real low point this week before the lightbulb went off. I don't like being in the sad, dark, unhappy planning place. :-(

The Ring Ring notebook looks interesting. I like that there are just two rings, but I don't like that *type* of ring. Does anyone own one of these yet? I'm eager for a discriminating DIYPlanner review. :-)

perhaps Target has the answer?

I was at Target doing a clearance run last week... and I saw a bright orange planner. It had semi-translucent orange covers and a week per two pages...

Maybe do some "window shopping" for inspiration... couldnt hurt, right? :D

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