A Roast for Ryan Rasmussen aka Capt Levenger

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how can we roast Ryan? Is he going to be part of the buffet? ;D

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Roast Buffet

Yes...I believe he'll be a part of the Roast Circa Buffet...
Dressing provided!
:) ;)
Duc Ly

how can we roast Ryan? With

how can we roast Ryan?

With good old-fashioned barbecue sauce, or something more funky like teriyaki sauce? Spicy tom yam sauce might be nice, too.

Facebook group


My confidence in the minimal damage a small Lev'angelist group membership on Facebook could accomplish is slipping. ..... ;)



Don't worry Mr Captn Levenger Sir... I can't think of one bad thing to say about you....
....yet. ;P

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No reason to keep it small...and hoard all the fun;)

I believe Chet said it best: 'If this group is call Lev'angelism, then Ryan is our Archangel!

Duc Ly

I think what we need is a

I think what we need is a life-size cut-out of Ryan, appropraitely Levenger geared and accessorised, standing next to the Circa Bar at every physical Levenger store.


hey sara,

think you and your company can pull that off? :)

ima sure i can dig up a shot of ryan somewhere. or totally make one up. complete with crown.



Roger that! Just need to get some kind of board to back the beautifully printed image. Too bad I'm on vacation this next week ;D

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yay vaykay. just gives you

yay vaykay. just gives you time to work out logistics of making a life sized capt. levenger.

you think he'd hate us if we tried to sell em?


Not if we used the money...

...to buy more stuff from Levenger. :-D


There's a couple pictures of Ryan on his facebook profile. The only question remaining would be do you want to use a real-life one or his Second Life avatar?


second life

Excuse the OT interjection... but how does one go about joining in Second Life? Is this a game or just a virtual world? I'm so confused... as usual. :P

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Second Life is very cool and fun and addictive. It is not a game. There are places to explore in three D. A lot of girls like to get free clothes and dance in the clubs. I like to do some role plays. You can play a visitor in the Harry Potter world or Dune, Mist of Avalon. I sky dive, flew on the True Writer with Ryan, Conduct interviews, been invited to weddings, Ride on a whale, celebrated my birthday with a friend with cakes, have diner, dance, make play money...
lots and lots of stuff. Rides horse in Tombstone, grind corn at the native American teepee...
Duc Ly