Bent Circa Covers :-(

I ordered Junior and Compact size starter kits from Levenger and they arrived yesterday. The Compact kit is fine, but the Junior covers are bent. It looks like they just got too hot in transit and the plastic warped.

Do you have any ideas how I might get 'em to flatten out? I contacted Levenger CS, but the reply was: "Unfortunately, there is not a known technique to getting this item to flatten." That, of course, made me think of the clever folks on this forum. :-)


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Its Summer! Use your car's oven potential for DIY fun... I'd watch them though... let the car heat up a bit - lay em on your dash board til they are nice and .. toasty. Then press in between some heavy books or on a wine press or book press if you have one.

:D What did the damage shall now save the day.

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Car's Oven Potential

I can attest to the 'Car's Oven Potential'. I got some plastic cover notebook with a button closure. The way they shipped the notebooks made an imprint of the button onto the cover. I forgot and left the dented notebook in the car and later on, the dimple disappear!
Duc Ly

:D :D :D

Ha! I was just sitting here wondering about my toaster oven. It totally fried the mock-Circa rings I made out of Sculpey but maybe if I lowered the heat and watched it very closely...

...oh right, like that would work. I have the attention span of a

But then here you are with your very practical alternative. You're awesome, Sara! I'll give it a try this weekend something. Thanks!


Let us know how the car-o-ven works for ya :)

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Janine, how high was the

Janine, how high was the temperature for the sculpey rings?
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275 F

I set the toaster oven to 275 F, which is the temperature recommended in the Sculpey directions. The first batch of rings started to scorch after only 7 minutes (less than half the time I should have had to bake it). I flubbed the second batch by leaving it in the toaster oven for like 45 minutes. *oops*

My best guess is that the

My best guess is that the temperature wasn't constant so the rings scorched when the oven tried to compensate for heat loss. Try preheating it so the temperature is even when you put the rings in and use an oven thermometer to avoid hot spots. If that doesn't work, I would just use your regular kitchen oven. How do youduplicate the shape of the rings? I have piles of sculpey floating around my freeze but it never occurred to me to try that.
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Made a mold

I used some Sculpey to make a 2-part mold, then pressed more Sculpty into the mold. It was sufficient for a quick prototype. I'm currently researching better molding techniques, but it's slow going.

Wait a minute

Seems to me that if the covers arrived damaged, Levenger should replace them.

The onus isn't on you to figure out where the damage occurred (in transit, at the warehouse, etc.). The point is you paid for new covers and you received damaged ones. Is this not as straightforward as I think?


That was sort of my feeling too... But at the same time I was thinking that the next shipping might arrive the same way if heat is indeed an issue. Wrapping the covers in dry ice doesn't sound like such a great idea. But considering the price of Levenger products and services (i.e. shipping and handling) I sort of feel that their guarantee should cover this.

Return policy

I sort of feel that their guarantee should cover this.

It does.

The plastic sleeve contracted and bent the covers before the item even arrived. Drop me an IM, or call customer service. We'll send out a new one.


Got the replacement last Thurs/Fri...

...and it's bent, too. I'm starting to wonder if the packaging, not necessarily the current temperatures, are warping the covers in Levenger's compact-size Circa starter packs.

Thanks for your reply, Ryan. I was kinda disappointed in my CS experience on this shopping adventure. Overall I'm still thrilled with Levenger products, though. :)