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So, I went to Target this weekend to pick up some cleaning supplies and such, but of course the REAL reason was to check out any new planning products!! (wink) And I am sooooo glad I went as I may have found the solution to all of my planning woes (at least I hope so!).

The product name is ALIFE Design. Web is alifedesign dot com I purchased the B6 Weekly Planner which is a little smaller than Junior size - 128 X 182 mm Obviously this is not a US based company (from the web site, it looks like it is based out of Korea). Anyway, the "book" has 12 months in the front (2 pages per month), the next section has the week on the left page and notes on the right (like the moleskine, but more visually interesting), next is 159 pages of note paper for "free writing" as they call it, then 16 pages of detachable notes - each note is 2.5" X 1.75", and last is 16 pages of "information archive" where you can list web sites, addresses, blogs, etc. The cover also has a pocket or sleeve in the front and two in the back to hold loose papers.

So, everything I need is in this one book!

I went to the web site and did not find any US distributors, so I emailed the company for some further info. If you look at their products, I bet you will find something interesting. I know I found multiple items I would like to purchase from them! (Also, I didn't find any of these items on the Target Website).

Well, I will try to take some pics, but I don't think the print will show up, so your best bet is to check out their web site!

nay nay happy today! :)

P.S. I will let you know if I hear back from ALIFE.

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Cannot resist....

Get ALIFE !!

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa !!!


Seroiusly, though, I plan to check out my local Target.
BTW, seen any Rollabind in there ? I suspect Rollabind and Target are no longer playing nice. :(
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Goof !

Hey Ygor - you are just a big goof, but thanks for the giggle!

I didn't see any Rollabind at Target... :(


A-hyuck! A-hyuck! A-hyuck!
"Ah'm brave, but Ah'm careful." (Goofy from "Lonesome Ghosts")

They are nice

I was in my local "Tar-zhey" last night and looked for these items. I found them, and to my surprise, realized that I had looked at them a week or two ago. They are as nice as NayNay describes, but I was not seriously interested in them as I am way too Circa-fied at this point.

Check them out.
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So remember me posting about going to Tar-get and seeing a beautiful orange planner that had an interesting format? LINK to that post. I went back today to confirm - that is the ALIFE one you are talking about!!!

I am so amazed that we have such similar tastes... I would love for you to post some pictures - I'm thinking of doing a DIY version of the pages. I would have spent more time ooogling it today BUT I needed to get lunch. >.<

I know that its a week on the left and a notes area on the right... there was a To Do This Week area... :D So much potential.

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I don't think regular pics are going to work, but I think I could scan/copy the pages and do a pdf or something so you can see the layout. So far I am really liking the system!
Sara - our likes do run in the same circle, don't they! :)

anything :)

I'll take any secret window into that planner... I should have just sat there in the aisle and sketched out the layout but ... I feared the mob of back-to-school shoppers. Crazy already around here!

I am so tempted to buy it ... but - my budget is tight with all the new critters and other unplanned financial drains. :) I'm glad you got it! What color did you get?

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My cell phone has a camera...
Let me see what I can arrange ;)
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Alife Pics

I tried every system I have to get some good pics and scans, but had some trouble since the print is so light (brown like moleskine)... But, I downloaded them to Flickr anyway. The link is below (Sara hope you fix the link for me!) or go to the diyplanner area of flickr....


happy day,
nay nay


Now I want one... more than before. LOL. I shall create templates based on this system - some day. ;P

Thanks so much for the pics!

Did you get a blue planner? I didnt see blue at my target... the orange was nice and vibrant - hard to lose a big orange planner. hrmmmmm... off to check the budget.

one last question - are the weekly pages predate or is it a fill-in-your-own system?

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Thanks for fixing my Link Sara! :)

I bought the boring gray book as I didn't want it to stand out at work... If I were going for just a personal book, I would have definitely bot the orange or the pink!!! :)

It is not pre-dated, so you do need to fill in the blanks.

I wish I could get a hold of the company because it looks like they have shopping lists, to do lists, etc. which could be circa-fied...

I just love trying the new stuff!! :)


My target had the shopping lists, the business card holders, and some other things... I think just a plain ol notebook without the weekly planner area... keep an eye on your Tar-Get :D

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More images

I found these on flickr : LINK LINK2 yayinside

I am soooo tempted. Good thing I have not spending money and Target isn't in my usual route around town. LOL. I'm off to play with my planner to try and get over this - itch.

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ohhh Sara - those pics (especially the yayinside link) turned out much better than mine! nice find!

Oh thanks for posting!

Oh thanks for posting! Thanks ygor I think for the link too. I love!! I would grab an orange planner fast. I thought I would not need anything but the calendar I am using but finding that actually, it isn't enough and templates don't quite meet what I am looking for either. This seems very practical. No Target in Canada of course. Even our Staples doesn't carry the Rolla! Want plain-ordinary-boring though, we have plenty ...

things to do

i would really like to find out where to get things to do note cards by alife......can you stores do not have them

can i get alife to do

can i get alife to do pads...........thanks

Other Alife items

My Target has to-do and shopping pads (2.5x4?) with a clear cover to hold a few sheets and keep them neat. They also have pocket Filofax (Daytimer SR pocket) sized notebook that comes with a cover and 3 thin filler books (plain, lined, and grid), plus other items already mentioned here. If someone needs something that they can not get local and they can wait, I'm sure we could ship it at cost if you ask nice....

the other tar-jay

I went to our other target and did find the to-do and shopping pads - bot one of each! UGH! I need help! Anyway, they are pretty tiny like everyone is mentioning. I do, however, like the clear "sleeve" that comes with each pad. I put my to-do list facing one direction and my shopping facing the other. Pretty neat and simple...

where can i get them

where can i get them

Try this:
But the site looks dead and neglected to me.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

to do pads

if you already received my message sorry.........i could use those to do pads and a lot of them.........i am a teacher and my students want them as well........just can't get them........

thank you


I am also in love this the B6 planner AND the little pocket to do list.

They really solve my problems. I have been trying the format of a weeks of days on one page and a blank note page on the other for a while in different format but I have had to make them all. Then the day titles, etc get mixed in with my writing. Anyway, this is the perfect size and format for me!!! I'm so glad others agree!

i need to know in where i

i need to know in where i can buy b6 weekly planer thank sorry about my english i'm spanish


Where are you located? A lot depends on what is available in your locale.

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A Life Design

So I bought a Alife Design planner from Target and I love it! But I would like to buy items and I can find them anywhere. If you know where I can pick up more, let me know!

Where ?
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My browser tells me the site

My browser tells me the site can't be found...anyone else getting to it?

No prob here

It loaads fine.

They are out of Korea

My work has filters that block Asian sites. Did you try from home or work ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Home. And there are no

Home. And there are no filters.


The Alife products at my local Target are already on clearance!!

Do you think...

because they are meant to be seasonal or because they are not selling ?
They seem like good stuff to me.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

oooo how cheap??

I really shouldnt but i can ask for early christmas/festivus presents! soooo how cheap are they?:D

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the slim notebooks (set of three) are $5.58 and I think the small todo and shopping lists were in the $2 range? Can't remember. Then there were a few b6 plain notebooks - $7? range. I guess I wasn't paying too close attention as I stocked up a few weeks ago - stupid me!!!! :)
nay nay

About Half Price

Weekly Planner - B6 size - Was 12.99 Now 6.48
Plain Notebook - B6 size - Was 9.99 Now 4.98
Shopping List & To Do List - 60 x 115mm - Was 2.29 Now 1.14
Passport Holder - 96 x 133mm - Was 5.99 Now 2.98

I just bought a bunch. Does that help?


I know where I will be stopping... hehehe

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half price planners

Do you still happen to have any weekly planners left?

I've been looking all over!

I too saw these back in August

when the school supplies started rolling in and almost bought some. I stopped though since I have circafied so much lately. They are very attractive and well thought out.

designing time

No ALIFE for me... I'll be trying to design something that is similar for my next years worth of planning pages... wish me luck :)

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ALIFE planner

you dont have the target item code by chance???? or the skew off the cover???? thanks!

alife notebook

I fell in love with this notebook. Regular girls buy shoes or purses I buy notebooks and this one had it all! love alife

alife notebook

I found my notebook at the local target,but now I need another one I cant find it. Im a pen and notebook person whom try to find substitute for this notebook but nothing can replace it. If someone have a clue please help

ALIFE B6 weekly planner

I have had this planner for about 6 months now. I am very, very particular when it comes to my planners because they are an integral part of my business and I have a very busy agenda each week. I have never been happier with a planner product in my life. It has everything a well organized person could ever need in a planner and is very durable. Above all, its small enough to carry in my handbag and is CUTE. I have recommended this planner to many people and hope ALIFE continues to make it. Thanks Target!


Has anyone found anymore of the Weekly B6 planners?
Mine is going to be out in a couple of months and I am scouring the web to try and find them
the company website doesnt appear to be active.


You could try contacting Target... they may know if more will be ordered or available this year... or at least you could let them know how much you loved that line of products. :)

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email to Target

I sent an email to target yesterday asking about the B6 planners.

Sara did you design something along the same lines for your planner pages?


My life has taken a turn for the crazy and I never got to it. I used a Moleskine weekly planner... I still love the ALIFE design though.

Maybe I'll get some free time soon ;P lol ... one can dream, right?

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I have some

I bought some from Target, but never did use them. If you're interested, I can try to find them (they're still packed from my move).

Oh, I'd definitely buy an

Oh, I'd definitely buy an Alife planner from you. The alife company seems to have discontinued the B6 weekly calendar planners and I'm dying to know where to replenish my planner!

I contacted ALIFE a while

I contacted ALIFE a while ago regarding wholesale as we have a boutique that has a section called "notefetish". They do have new planners and they seem very nice to deal with. I would be more than happy to order in extra for any of you if you'd like. Just let me know ;) I can also post prices if anyone is interested. Happy planning!

So it sounds like they are still in business

From the condition of their web site, one would think they went out of business.
You profile says you are in Canada. When you chat with them next, would you ask if they still market to the US ? Thanks.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Hi, I actually did ask them

I actually did ask them about the U.S. and they said they currently have no distributors in the U.S. and that I must order directly from them. Their prices are in Euros as well so I'm thinking that may deter some sompanies from carrying their line. I know what you mean about their site but they sent me a list for their 2009 dated organizers so I'm thinking they are still around. Hope this helps a bit ;)

Hi Notefetish. I was

Hi Notefetish. I was wondering if perhaps you had placed an order yet with Alife yet for the B6 academic year planners?

alife b6 planners

I was wondering if you ever got around to purchasing directly from them?

I would most definately be interested in ordering from them also, if you happen to have a link!

Any help would be great!

hi just wondering if you

hi just wondering if you ever placed an order with Alife? i would definitely be interested in purchasing a few. i have my 07/08 agenda from target which ends next month and im in desperate need of a new one, no other agenda will do haha, please get back to me thanks!

I have been trying to get

I have been trying to get another planner desperately. Did you have any luck getting them? I would be interested in purchasing one if you do have them!!!!

very interested

I love this planner. If ur selling them I'm interested in buying a few. I love them so much!

Agenda 2009 NEEDEd

I am looking to replace my 2007-08 agenda w a 2008-2009 . I have gone to target where I originally bought it but cant find any :( If u sell them I would love to buy a pink academic 2008-2009 one . I hope to hear fr u soon.


i need this planner!

I'm addicted to the alife design b6 planner. I got one last year at target and now they don't have them anymore. I need one badly! Do you know where I could buy one? Help please!

Hello, I also have tried

I also have tried contacting Alife and Target and neither are sure they will carry them for the 08-09 year. I am very interested in obtaining one and if anyone knows of a place where I can order it I would be ever so grateful.

I believe it to be a dead end

Searching finds a few of their notebooks, but none of their datebooks. I have doubts the company is even in business.
Are you willing to consider a Molskine ?
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Alife agendas

I will be selling alife products on my website, [admin (ygor) edit: e-mail removed]Thanks, Anastasia

Alife agendas

I will be selling Alife products on my website Please email me with any specific needs, I am placing an order this week. [admin (ygor) edit: e-mail removed]. Thanks, Anastasia

Get one bound?

Many print shops can create a bound book. Heck, you could even go to one of the print on demand services and get your own custom page layouts bound. Most places have several different styles of binding to chose from. A bit more work than just buying one, but you could even have your contacts list and other personal information included.

i'm trying to do this

i'm trying to do this actually, i have my alife b6 in front of me and i'm trying to figure my way around openoffice draw. unfortunately, i'm just not liking the way it's coming out. it looks too simple, too word processor chart looking. any suggestions for different programs?

Can you scan it ?

PM me (thru the Contact tab) if you can scan
I will be happy to whip up a template
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

thanks so much. i contacted

thanks so much. i contacted you. let me know if you need more information.

i'm hoping to get a good template because i plan to print them at, save the template and just have one printed every year.

plus i have a few friends who loved the format. it's amazing for a college student because the whole free page on the right allows you to write in your syllabus/required reading right when you get it at the beginning of the semester.

anyway, sorry for rambling.


Alife Agendas

I am going to be selling their products on my website in the next month. let me know what you need. [admin (ygor) edit: e-mail removed]

Where can I find the ALIFE planner?

Hi! I also LOVE the ALIFE planners! I got one last year from target that is a monthly/weekly planner from Sept. 07 to Sept 08. So now I went back to Target to get another one for this year but they don't have them anymore!!! Booo!


They also have a business card holder that's really cool. [admin: email removed]

You want cheese with that whine ?

Their website is
Go complain directly, please.
If they choose not to distribute their products where we can find them, there is nothing we can do about it here.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

alife products

any luck trying to alife design products, I also looked at site, it was a cluster. Any US distributor ???

Not joking this time

I think all you folks whining for these Alife products need to get a life.

I have posted their direct URL. Please use it. No one here is able to help or they would have said so. These folks have, apparently, dropped off the face of the planet.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I am going to be selling

I am going to be selling Alife Design products on a new website I am building. I contacted company and will be selling online at If anyone is looking for products, or needs a planner for 2009, I can definitely help. [admin (ygor) edit: e-mail removed] Thanks, Anastasia

No open e-mail addresses, please

If you have an item/product to sell, then register with the site and place an ad in the Bazaar

By registering, you can then be contacted by other registered users through the site.

Five separate postings in ONE thread is a bit too much.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

so sorry,

I was unaware of protocol of this site. See my posting in the Bazaar.

Interesting, BUT

It's an interesting product, but it uses PVC in its cover. Not very eco-friendly. To me, that is a concern.

Alife Planner

She is right! The ALIFE planner is the best!!
I have used one for the past year and I love it! I had no idea they could be found at Target, mine was a gift!