Which punch??

So, which punch does everyone find more useful in your day to day planning?
The portable punch of the desk punch. I am going to pick one up but not sure which one is more useful.
I am just starting down the path of DIY Planners and am really confused. I have not decided on which size yet and I guess that's where I need to start.


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I use the desk punch because

I use the desk punch because it's able to handle thicker materials.
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I have both

The portable is, well, portable. Handy for 2 or 3 smurf card stock and PDA-ish paper. The punch guide is a bit frustrating to me, but I manage.

The big desktop punch (I have the 12-smurf Rollabind model) does heavier stock and multiple sheets with ease.

However, the best punch for my day to day planning is a good, strong Jamaican Rum Punch ;b
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Desk job

For my current planner (an A5 filaFax) I use the desk punch. For emergencies I carry pre-punched blank sheets in the stationary section. I tried their portable punch but it would only punch single sheets.

For my future planner (an A5 Rollabind ---probably) I'll use the desk punch because I bought one through the gracious offices of jonglass here. Again I'll carry pre-punched blank sheets.