What are your favorite DIY/hPDA-type blogs? I have come across a couple of terrific ones, but I haven't remembered to save any of them. (oops) I'd like to add some to my blog reader (blogarithm - check it out, it's terrific!), so...what are your favorites?

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My three favorites are: Zen

My three favorites are:

  1. Zen Habits (Atom feed). A regularly published list of ideas that are structured for your general improvement. Usually I can find one or two things out of every list that are worth doing and thinking about.
  2. Clutter Control Freak (RSS feed). Helps me deal with the physical mess outside of my planner.
  3. Get Rich slowly (RSS feed). Helps me deal with my financial mess.

There are several others I read. For the complete list (and a lot of cooking and recipe blogs) check out my Bloglines subscription. As to GTD links, here's my GTD bookmarks.

Hope they help.


I've been slacking as "Link Wrangler" as of late but I can offer what has already been accumulated :)


There is also a tag "blog" in my collection that may interest you.

Oh and I believe somewhere here is a listing of many member's personal blogs somewhere here on the forums.

Hope this helps :)

my artwork | my blog to the rescue!

The list of bloggers (from this site) can be found on as items tagged with diyblogger.

thanks :)

I didn't know we already had a list. And, Rebecca, the feed links were a big help. :) I'm looking forward to checking these out!

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><