Loop staples or alternatives?

I ran across these nifty little booklets that fit in a 3-ring binder here and immediately thought of all kinds of potential uses, but $9 for what's basically 12 sheets of 8-1/2 by 11 paper folded in half is a bit much. Does anyone know if there's a standard desktop stapler that inserts the loop staples, or can any of you crafty people suggest an alternative? I like the idea of the loops better than punching through the paper itself.


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Lots of options

Hi Pam,

Here are a few ideas for binding without holes.

Decades ago when I was in school we had a booklet-sized schools magazine that was published monthly by the state schools authority. With the magazines we got a binder that had tightly strung strings the length of the binder's inside spine (instead of rings). A booklet was filed by sliding it onto the string (so the string ran down the inner fold of the booklet).

That filing system can work in reverse, with a string/ribbon tied around the booklet's spine. Then the booklet can be filed by using the outer string as the holes for the rings.

Alternatively, you could cut a 1.5cm (about 1/2 inch) strip of card weight paper. Make the same length as the booklet. Punch 3 holes in the strip and then stick it to the booklet's spine.

We use a similar

type binder for choir music. You put the elastic string in the center of the folded music and it holds it in place. Each binder has several elastic strings in the binding. Here is one such binder with various options.


It's kind of funny, actually. A few months ago, I made a prototype of something similar, to use with a hipster PDA. I thought it was something new, and here, they've been around for ages. ;-)

Here's my prototype on Flickr, HERE

I haven't looked at your link yet, but I'm sure it's far more sophisticated than my feeble efforts. :-)


How about...

these ?

Reusable, but I like Kat's suggestion for the card stock. That has more flexible possibilities -- you could even use it in a Rolla/Circa notebook.
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Thanks for the suggestions!

These are all great ideas. I think I'm going to be doing some prototyping this week...