Myndology Covers, Printed Forms - Circa Punch - layout

Was just wondering if anyone had the layout or hack to line up the Circa punch for the Myndology discs.

I needed a second notebook for storage (I know the 'addiction' is spreading) - and I so loved the colors - so I went Myndology. Heck, for 1/2 the price I paid Circa, I got two notebooks, an index card set and a smaller set (just had to see it) ....

Anyway, I can see that it works - I just have to get it lined up right - so was wondering if anyone had drawn this graphically .... or if this just might be my first 'hack' LOL!

My mind works in a graphical format, so that's why I'm asking.

Thanks all!

Jen Z

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What do you mean by storage?

What do you mean by storage? Archiving? If so, you only need the notebook covers. And Circa covers are cheap. They come in sets of two. There's also a new product comprising one set of notebook covers and Circa discs, too.

what punch?

what punch are you using? portable punch or desktop punch?

If portable, I use an already punched page to line it up and then make marks on the punch as to where the paper should be.

I may have completely misunderstood your ?.....

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