Smurfs are Metric !!

I was doing some tinkering with the duplex notebook idea.
I needed exact measurements for design/construction purposes.
I Googles for it and was led here which says that smurfs are 5/16 inch (8mm) tall by 1 inch (25.4mm) apart.

I took a metric drafting scale I have and measured paper, both pre-punched and punched by me.

My findings differ slightly.

What I found is that a smurf fits in a 7 mm square and they are spaced 25 mm apart.

The other info-bit that may be of use to folks is that the punches all have a mark for the smurf-centerline. On the desktop punches, there is a vertical line on the punch head. On the portable, that little bump that positions the punch on the "ruler".

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metric investigation

That's a great investigation. Well considering their European origin in the Atoma Disc...I'm not surprised.
Duc Ly