Circa Junior Refill pages - size change?

First things first...I really love this site and thank all of you have given sage wisdom while I have been lurking here, benefiting from the fruits of all your labor. I hope one day I can give back, perhaps with a template (if I could only figure out many ideas)

On the Circa page / divider dimension issue. After taking delivery of my set of Circa Junior dividers (and new Circa Junior foldover. Bomber, love it), I noticed that the dividers (not including the tab) are narrower than the stock Circa Junior page. Doesnt cover the page by about a 1/4 inch. I went to the Levenger website saw dimenions for Circa Junior refills are listed as 5 x 8 instead of the current Circa paper that I have (5-5/8 x 8-1/4) there a change going on?

I wrote to customer service asking if there was production problem since the dividers are too narrow for their pages (which are 5-5/8 inches wide)

Levenger wrote:

"Unfortunately, we are going through a transition regarding our junior size Circa items. We are going to be selling a bigger version than before. I was told that our dividers have been transformed to the new size, which would mean bigger than before. Are you stating that this is untrue? The dividers are actually smaller than the paper. I will have to do further investigation if this is the case. I have checked with our product specialist and she informed me that the dividers should be already upgraded to the bigger size."

and then after I gave the dimensions, indicating that the dividers were Narrower than the Circa pages...I got the following response:

" Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have anything to replace the
dividers with" and then suggested that I try a different color if I wanted try that out or return them"

I really do appreciate the very prompt and courteous replies from Customer Service. But, my confusion remains. The Circa Junior pages in my new foldover are the same size as the Circa Junior pages I have been using for ages.. but the Dividers are too narrow. So, does anyone know whats going on...? I am not so concerned about returning the dividers (hassle for relatively small purchas=ge)...just interested in what's going on.

Thanks for listening.


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if i recall

I hope I recall this correctly -

Levenger is going to be selling Classic size as 5.5 by 8.5 inches (which is true classic size - half of us letter).

Ryan (our resident Levenger employee) should be along to confirm or correct ... :)

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think I remember that

Thanks Sara
I thought I read that too...more confusion since the web site lists the refill pages as smaller (5x8). Ryan might be able to confirm.

Classic vs. Junior


Sara is correct. [Thanks for jumping in!]

It was the larger vs smaller comparison that led to the confusing emails from CS. I apologize for the lack of clarity.

You are completely correct in your observation of the tabs appearing to be reduced in size (laterally.) 1/8" was trimmed off of the width. However, at the same time 1/4" was added vertically. They didn't really get larger or smaller. The components simply shifted proportions to make it a bit more standard (and much more DIY-friendly.)

You are welcome to contact me with any specific questions. However, I tend to learn more about Circa by simply listening to feedback from the DiyP community.

Thank you,

*I'll make the adjustment to the dimensions listed on the web.

Dimensions clarified


Thanks VERY much for the clarification. I guess I am fussy about my notebooks and didnt want the edge of the paper to stick out behind the divider.. No big deal..I will get over it.

And thanks for getting the dimensions of the Junior refill pages adjusted on the web ...I was going bonkers.

Regards and thanks,

bump: junior refill sheets and cover.

i cant believe i missed this topic. ugh.

anyway, the 300 sheet junior refills i bought in may and august are the old size.

the question is: if i buy 300 sheet junior full page grid refills today, would they be the new size or the old size, and what about the covers, are they on the new size now?

ps. i got my simply irresistible $40 kit and all the junior pages are the new size. this is how i found out i have been using a mix of new and old for a while now.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.