Note-taking software?

Hopefully I have not already asked this here. (I can be so scatterbrained.) Innowen's Creativity post got me to you all have note-taking software you particularly like (besides the DEVON... one innowen mentioned)?

I am looking for something in particular, but don't know how to find such a thing, short of word of mouth. I tend to take a lot of random notes. For example, "so-and-so mentioned that thus-and-such a brand of crackers is good." I don't have a file for, "crackers," or, "foods to try," or anything like that, but I will never find the brand name again if I'm just looking for the brand name. So I need a program which will let me jot down a single note, that doesn't have to be related to anything else (no tree or web or other hierarchy) and later search the notes by keyword and/or tags (preferably allowing for Boolean searches, as well). I don't want something web-based, as I have dial-up and don't want to have to get online every time I need to locate a note. And it needs to be fairly simple, so that it doesn't take forever to load or forever to make a note. Oh, and I use Windows. Does such a thing exist? Or do I need to wait until I eventually get around to learning Java as listed on my Someday/Maybe list and write it myself? :)

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What about just using a word document? Easy. Just keep one document titled random notes or something like that. You can date your entries or not. And you can search the whole document by using cntrl+F....

Just the first thought that came to mind. I do this at work just so I have a record of what people tell me to do. If is it a totally random note, I add an extra word at the end of the entry that I know I would remember to search by if I need the note later...

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You could Excel at this

Why not use Excel? (Or if you don't have that then download Enter your notes as a row with one or more columns for your keywords then you could use the Data feature to select the rows (notes) you want.

How 'bout a wiki ?

Like TiddlyWiki ?

It's made to be stand-alone (you don't need a network connection to use it)
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How About DayNotez?

DayNotez ( from Natara Software is a Palm notetaking program that sounds perfect for your application. You can take short notes and categorize them with tags or categories after the fact. You can take as many notes per day as you like, and then organize them later, or not. I believe it also has a search function in case you just want to search for a particular word.

DayNotez has a Palm program, a windows mobile version, and a Windows desk top program.

There is also Evernote, which is a similar concept, for the desktop, at, which may also be perfect for you.

Hope that helps!


I'll second DayNotez

I love DayNotez. I'm pretty fond of Natara's Bonsai program, too. Bonsai is great for list-making and basic project planning. I'm a Palm user, so I've got the bundled versions (Palm and Windows apps together for a cheaper price).

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EverNote is AWESOME!! Thank you so much! I am so excited about this software, I think my hubby thinks I'm nuts. ;)

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Circus Ponies Notebook

I'm especially fond of this program - has a very familiar "notebook" feel to it, is highly customizable, plays well with GTD (even has a pre-set template), and has numerous cool features, like clipping services, searchable keywords, and more.
Check it out at
I've also used Chronos' StickyBrain, now called SOHO Notes, as well as journaling programs like MacJournal and Journler (yep, I'm a geek!)
I think for note-taking and management, CP Notebook is the best!

I don't think I have ever

I don't think I have ever wanted a mac so badly. The circusponies software looks perfect for me. Any one know of a similar windows based program?
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Try Evernote. It's got a free version. Got a search thingy, various ways to find stuff, you can use tags..

I use it for misc bits at work and at home. When I'm taking notes in a meeting I'll type it up in Evernote then clip the text to paste to an email to the participants.. At home I clip interesting web bits into it, or grab important loose snippets like the latest media mail rates.

They seem to have some overlapping features, Circus Ponies and Evernote.


Love CPN :)

This is one of my favorites, too. I especially love the syncing with iCal (I can have notes 'sent' to iCal, then iCal will send me an alarm about it) and - my big fave - clipping services! For those who don't know about that (I didn't before I started using CPN), I set up a file in CPN for a specific subject, then when I run across information about that subject that I want to keep, I can select the text, right (or control-) click and the contextual menu lets me pick which CPN file I want the info to go to. Very nice.

It has a lot of wonderful features and I'm sure I'm not using them all.

I also use Yojimbo for little info-bits that would otherwise be scattered hither and yon, and I use Devonthink Pro Office for my massive research project.

So far, they all work very well for me. Now if I could just learn Tinderbox... ;)


I live on lately... its my "go to" place for all kinds of stuff...

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I'm currently using a Word document, and it's passable, but I'd like to find something more tailored to this purpose. Several of the programs posted look intriguing, and I am headed off to check them out. (I didn't realize that TiddlyWiki was an offline app.)

Be blessed!
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