Stock Forms?

I have been looking for good stock evaluation forms online and find all sorts of way to look up stocks from many sites but really am overwhelmed with so much information I would like to find a good form that can help me narrow down my decisions.

Any suggestions?

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I am not personally quite sure what information you'd need to evaluate a stock. I know there are standard bits of info you can find about each one. So what I would do first is grab the form that's basically a blank spreadsheet (it's in the basic kit in whichever size you prefer).

First, in the rows, write down the statistic you want to compare between stocks. In the column headings, write in a couple of stock names. Then fill in the cells from the information you find about each stock.

This is an easy way to create your own form for comparing different stats. It doesn't, however, tell you which stats are the important ones to look at. For that, you need someone who understands stocks far better than I. :)



wsround! this is crazy that you just brought this up as I have been thinking about this as well! I just joined an investment group and want to be able to track the research and also track the sells/buys, etc. I am still working it out, so maybe we can collaborate and come up with some really awesome forms!

Stock tracking

I have been working on a spreadsheet for measured periodic investment but actually tracking and making decisions on the right stocks is a different animal

I think that basic evaluations of stocks should be able to done effectively on a daytimer sheet