Digital & Printable Address book & Calendar for Filofax A5 via Mac OS X

Help! I was once a simple PC person with an inexpensive software program called Anytime Deluxe. Then my work went Mac (pays for my computer!) which does not run Anytime Deluxe. Does anyone know of a simple software program that lets you have an address book and a calendar that LOOKS like the printed version of a planner and actually lets you print Filofax A5 pages? Everything is so much more complicated than I need -- just want to replace Anytime Deluxe!

Thanks for any information. I need my paper planner, but I want to update the address book annually and the calendar weekly. Love the paper, want the ease of updating digitally.


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Parallels or Virtual PC

is one solution.

Contact the makers of Anytime Deluxe is another.
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Palm Desktop?

I just posted on another thread, but the Palm Desktop should be available free for at least Mac users. It does a quite credible job of printing both, and has since it was called Claris Organizer ages ago.

Here's the download page: LINK

Besides that, both the built-in Address Book and iCal can print relatively attractive printouts--just don't know if I would say they look like a printed version, though. I believe you can also find addons for printing from the Address Book, too...


if you just want to print your address book...

If you are just wanting to print out your address book, you could enter your contacts into the Apple Address Book program and print from there. It has all kinds of printing options. I just don't think any of them look just like a planner, but it would be worth your while to check it out.