Myndology Bares all with new eco-friendly products

Hello once again!

Well, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I do have a good reason. I have been working hard on our new line of products and I am writing today to announce their arrival! Today we are releasing the latest line of Myndology products called Bare. The Bare lineup is Myndology's eco-friendly notebook. Bare products are made from 100% recycled material (30% post consumer). The paper is acid free and is manufactured with a chlorine free process and get this, 100% HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER to reduce carbon emissions. The ink on the Bare line is also an earth friendly soy ink. No worries about lead-tainted stationery; these notebooks are made in the good-ole USA.

The new color line up for the Bare notebooks, Clay, Pine and Sand, reflects this environmentally inspired line of products.

We are releasing the Bare line in two sizes; Journal (6.5" x 8.5") and Memo (3" x 4"). Bare refills are also available for each size. We may introduce additional sizes at a later date.

The full lineup of Bare products are available on our website at (If the URL is not showing up, just copy/paste the URL into the Address line of your browser). And remember, our secret DIYPlanner coupon 'potatosalad' has been out on the table for awhile, but it hasn't spoiled yet!

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Best Regards,


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Is it wrong to drool over these? :D wow... they look MARVELOUS!

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Drool worthy

Oh I like the three disc bound one!

Duc Ly

I love you, Jason.

I love you, Jason. :-)


The Bare Arrival

I finally got my Bare after three months of waiting!
Check out the review and give it some love!

Duc Ly


Thanks for the review, Duc.
I had wondered about the cover material. Does it look like it is durable?

I am a notebook junkie.

Bare cover durable?

Hi Pinkyreeny,
The Bare cover is made of two card stock papers folded. They could have made a plastic cover, but that would not be recyclable.
Duc Ly